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Center of agro-tourism opens in Alkino

Center of agro-tourism opens in Alkino

In June 27, opening of center of agro-tourism «Selsky Uyut (Village comfort)» is to open in a village Alkino Samarsky region.

Center is located on outskirts of village Alkino Polhvistnevsky region in a surprisingly picturesque ecologically clean place of nature in Samara oblast. It is on a large meadow, near hills,  being spur of the Urals.  In two steps  there is a big  forest. Two creeks flow not far.

What is the uniqueness of center? What is waiting a tired townsman? Inimitable  village nature, various entertainments, interesting excursions and the most principal – national color, originality of Tatar people, well known by its hospitality. Anyone who arrives in Alkino village and center of agro-tourism a warm reception is granted.

The guests will make an excursion round the unique Alkino village. It is the only one in its kind not only in the region, oblast  but in Russia also. It  is 403 old, and this means that a guide has much  what to tell about history, traditions of  the village and familiarize with its sightseeing: three mosques, medresse, holy spring, a unique museum where domestic life of Tatar people is reflected.

Chief of Center of agro-tourism  «Selsky Uyut» Rasikh Latypov and Alkino village residents invite with a great pleasure all who would like to stay on their minor Motherland.

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