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Baku Tatars celebrated Kurban bairam (Eid al-Adha)

September 14, 2016 in Meras Hall (Hall of Ceremonies) at the mosque “Haji Ajdarbek”, a celebration of one of the main Muslim holidays Kurban Bairam (Eid al-Adha) took place.

The organizers of this event were the Public Association “Tatarstan”, Tatar and spiritual leaders of the mosque “Haji Ajdarbek”.

At the beginning of the event with congratulations on Kurban – bairam to the present addressed Head of the spiritual leaders of the Tatar Diaspora, the imam of the mosque “Haji Ajdarbek” Rashid Jabbarov. Public prayers have been read out.

Then Deputy chairman of the Public Association “Tatarstan” Haji Farkhad Gafurov spoke. He also congratulated the attendees on Kurban -bairam,

and spoke about the history of the Kurban-bairam holiday.

Farkhad Haji also noted that it was exactly a year since the Caucasus Muslims Office issued an order on September 11, 2015, having appointed Rashid Dzhabarov Imam of the Mosque “Haji Ajdarbek”. For the time past, Hazrat Rashid has showed himself only on the positive side, gained the respect as in the Tatar Diaspora of Muslims, and the Muslims administration of Caucasus Department and community members of the mosque “Haji Ajdarbek”.

The event continued by a celebratory dinner prepared from meat of sacrificial animals, and ended with a joint tea party with sweets.

The event has been attended by Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Tatarstan in Azerbaijan Ismail Akmeev, as well as by the invited representatives of the intelligentsia of the Tatar Diaspora.

Chairman of Public Association “Tatarstan” Abas Minyashev

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