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“Ilham” performed at the festival “Beybіtshіlіktіn kelіsіmіnіn 25 zhyly”

“Ilham” performed at the festival “Beybіtshіlіktіn kelіsіmіnіn 25 zhyly”

December 9, the “Sary-arka”, Astana cycling track became the site of the largest Republican festival of ethnocultural associations «Beybіtshіlіktіn kelіsіmіnіn 25 zhyly”. The event was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which the whole country is going to celebrate on December 16.

The participants of the national festival of ethnocultural associations became professional and amateur musicians, theater artists and philharmonics, athletes, military personnel from all over Kazakhstan.

The “Ilham” was the only people’s collective from Semei, having been invited to take part in a such large-scale public event. Repertoire of “Ilham” includes Tatar folk and original tunes, Russian, Kazakh, foreign instrumental music. In Semei Tatar folk group of bayanists has long been well knownl, it is an obligatory participant in all city holidays. In

1990, “Ilham” was created by Gabdulhakov Akhunzhanov, namely he became its first director, for last four years, the group is headed by Honored Worker of the Republic of Tatarstan Rashit Atnogulov.

Daily rehearsals from early morning until late at night on the vast arena of the racetrack took 10 days. The hard work yielded results: a bright concert items by bayanists –semeyers went without a hitch and was rewarded with applause.

“The success of Kazakhstan is based on friendship of its residents of different nationalities, the role of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in our society is great and important – said, referring to the participants and guests of the festival, in a brief congratulatory speech, President Nursultan Nazarbayev. – We have created a model of a state that is resistant to inter-ethnic conflicts, to overcome all difficulties shoulder to shoulder. Each generation makes its contribution to the development of Kazakhstan, and I’m sure our future is stable and fine ”

It is noteworthy that Gabdulhak Akhunzhanov – Honored Worker of Culture and Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, a director of the only Tatar school of arts in Kazakhstan, president of the association “The Union of Irtysh Tatars and Bashkirs, “Khak “- is a member of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan since its inception in 1995. In 2012, his merits in strengthening of interethnic unity and friendship between the people of Kazakhstan, the Motherland appreciated by a high award – the Medal of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan “Birlik” ( “Unity”).

“For me the performance of the ensemble” Ilham” within the Republican festival of ethnocultural associations« Beybіtshіlіktіn kelіsіmіnіn 25 zhyly “had a special meaning and significance. Once again, I saw the whole Kazakhstan, realized the enormous potential of our country. Ability to work effectively for many hours mobilized reserves and latent energy. The festival enabled to look at themselves and colleagues from aside, I began to clearly see the direction in which “Ilham” need to move on. I have got something to strive for,

something to learn and transfer that to students, “- said Gabdulhak Akhunzhanov in a brief interview on the results of the national holiday.

Victoria Kuptsova,

Photo by Asemgul Alshimbaeva and Albina Raisheva

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