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In Paris, the Tatar holiday Sabantui celebrated

In Paris, the Tatar holiday Sabantui celebrated

The representatives of the Tatar community in France celebrated the national holiday of Tatar Sabantui. A bright event has gathered not only representatives of the Tatar-speaking part of the country. The guests of the holiday were the representatives of the Paris city hall, local students, French musicians and residents of Paris, interested in the culture of the peoples of Russia.

The Kazan Museum of Social Every Day Life took active participation in event. It presented a program called “Emotions from the portfolio.” Part of the audience of those who caught the Soviet era, made with pleasure a trip on a kind of time machine to the years of its youth. And the rest, whose childhood passed in France, or those who have never been to Russia, first time saw the toys, books, sports equipment and souvenirs 70-80th of the twentieth century. The exhibition was accompanied by a commentary, turning into an interactive communication with the audience. The participants do not hold back emotions and with pleasure held in their hands the objects that were last seen 20-30 years ago.

“The Tatar Diaspora is not so numerous, but the people are united, and expose a great attention to their roots. We are pleased to have participated in a cultural program of the festival. The response exceeded all our expectations. Among the guests there were a lot of creative people: they are artists, scriptwriters and musicians. Almost each of them, we plan to implement any interesting projects. For us this is a huge step forward and a good opportunity in the future to tell the French capital on the dynamic capital of Tatarstan! “-said the director of the Museum of Social Ecery Day Life Rustem Valiakhmetov.

Musical accompaniment of Sabantui made up a duet Farida Tenisheva and Guillaume Ra (France), singer Farid Faizrakhmanov (Kazan), flutist Alia Vodovozova (Moscow), a dance group of students of the Institute of Oriental Civilizations (Paris, France; Head Leyla Sadovinova), dance group “Asylkay” (France, head Irina Brel). The organizer of the festival became the Tatar Diaspora in France (head Alfiya Ayzatova) headed by the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Tatarstan in France Iskander Yusupov.


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