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International Camp for Tatar children in Belgium

International Camp for Tatar children in Belgium

This summer in Belgium it is planned to organize an international camp for Tatar children. It will work on the basis of international educational and recreational camp for children and youth “SATURN” called “Tatar Telem – Tugan Telem.” Children and adolescents 6 to 18 years are invited there.

In 2015, “SATURN” as organized in a town of Spa (Belgium, Liege Province, the mountains of the Ardennes), close to the thermal springs.

Entry in 2015:

  • since July 3, 2015 on July 12, 2015
  • from July 12 2015 to July 22, 2015
  • July 22, 2015 to July 31, 2015
  • July 31, 2015 to August 9, 2015
  • from 9 August 2015 on August 18, 2015

Help from the head organizer of the camp – the head of the NGO “Club Tatar art and culture” Alsou Shamsutova

International training and summer camp for children and youth “SATURN” has exists in Belgium since 2005. It brings together students from different countries in the holidays helps them to learn different languages in direct communication with peers – native speakers, through games and exciting activities.

The camp is located every year in different parts of Belgium, at interesting green corners – in a wooded plateau of the Ardennes, near the town of Dyurbi or in Spa Volonsky part of Belgium, or Flanders – Turnaut city. Places to stay are not chosen by chance – it is to provide children with clean air, rural tranquility, beautiful scenery of the alternation of rocky canyons and green meadows, and is very much appreciated in the Benelux.

For last four years, “SATURN” is visited with a great pleasure by the children from Tatarstan, “The Club of Tatar art and culture” (Tatarstan), together with Children and Youth Organization “DemoTerra” (Belgium), they for the fourth year in a row organize summer language schools for children from Kazan. Our projects are supported by Belgian Federation of Russian companies, Russian Consul in Antwerp, the fund “Russian World” (Moscow).

Pupils of Tatarstan (Kazan) come to teach foreign languages – English, French, Dutch.

OOO “The Club of Tatar art and culture” also annually since 2011 leaves for the presentation of Tatar culture and art in Belgium on various international events, where they demonstrate the Tatar national clothes from the collections of folk artists, the workshops of “Ebivol”, “Turan”, a collection of art works by Tatarstan artists, organize performances by singers and dancers.

In 2012, in a city of Ghent (Belgium, Flanders region) the Days of Tatar culture were held. In particular, at the invitation of BFRO (the Belgian Federation of Russian-speaking societies) and AEM (Academy of Media Europe) OOO “The Club of Tatar art and culture” was involved in a festival “Rendezvous with Russia”, “Tatar Sabantui” others.

At the camp «SATURN», the “Club of Tatar art and culture” annually in the first and second shift arranges the a holiday “Sabantui ” for its international friends, show folk games, dances and songs. Also, at the event “Fairs of the World” master classes for the preparation of national dishes – kystyby and chak-chak, vak balesh etc are arranged. In preparing these dishes both children and adults of the collective of camp . Thus children – away from Tatarstan – sing folk songs and Tatar ditties.

During a special “Festival of dance and song” pupils of “SATURN” familiar with the national dress, hats and shoes, Tatar motifs arts and crafts, get ideas about the elements of folk dance and music.

Information about the city of Spa

Gorod Spa is located in the Ardennes. The city of Spa is home for 11 thousand people in an area of 40 square meters. km. Spa is popular as the old thermal spa. It is the most famous Belgian resort, which has healing mineral waters.

In the late 19th century, the resort organized the world’s first beauty contest in which 500 girls competed. Spa can be noted by architectural attractions, such as the town hall of the 18th century. City Hall is a monument that was built in the spirit of classicism. There is also Perron, created in the 16th century as a sign of the freedom of the town, the casino and the villa of Queen Mary (the wife of King Leopold).

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