Home /  In Syzran  city a meeting  with the leaders of national-cultural associations held

 In Syzran  city a meeting  with the leaders of national-cultural associations held

In Syzran  city a meeting  with the leaders of national-cultural associations held




Participants of the meeting in detail familiarized with the activity of state fiscal institutions “House of Friendship of Peoples”, which interacts with the 850 non-governmental organizations in the region (of which 120 domestic, 34 international, 55 Cossack, 655 religious organizations).


The Chairman of  “Union of Samara region peoples’ Rostislav Khugayev spoke about the activities of the Union, which unites more than 25 national cultural non-governmental organizations, and pays great attention to issues of cooperation between local and regional organizations and authorities.


During the meeting, a presentation of the project of ethnocultural complex “Friendship Park of Peoples” was also held, the realization of which since 2016 is being carried out by the regional public organization “Union of Peoples of the Samara Region”. A new tourist attraction – the theme park in Volgar  town will reflect the unique ethno-imagery of the region. At 12 hectares will be   20 farmsteads located, embedding into the culture peoples who live in the Samara region (Russians, Tatars Chuvashes Mordovians, Ukrainians et al.). Currently, within the framework of the regional action “The Property of the People”, historical exhibits are being collected for the design of national houses in the Friendship Park. To take part in the action, the participants of the meeting were invited, because in the countryside you can always find unique antiques.


During the meeting, activists of national cultural associations raised the issue of the need for training seminars on the preparation of documents for grants and grants.


Rinad Sharafutdinov, chairman of the Council for National and Cultural Autonomy of the Tatars of Syzran, noted that such lively meetings, during which there is an opportunity to discuss the accumulated problems, are always welcome.






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