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Rinat Zakirov visited Sverdlovsk oblast Sabantui

Rinat Zakirov visited Sverdlovsk oblast Sabantui

On this day,  three scenes worked  in a field  — main, minor and children. A solemn opening of Sabantui  took place on the main stage with participation of first persons of Sverdlovsk   oblast, honorary guests of the Republic of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan.

Vice governor of Sverdlovsk oblast,  head of governor’s administration Yakov Silin  has arrived  to open a large scale  festive. He welcomed participants and guests in three languages: Russian, Tatar and Bashkir, told about value of Sabantui for peoples residing the Urals region. «Sabantui  is celebrated on the Urals land not a dozen years. Undoubtedly, this is one of the brilliant and colorful events of our multi-national region, helping to preserve historic roots,  values and traditions of Turkic nations of the Middle Ural. Sverdlovsk oblast  — territory of peace, national consent and unity», — said Yakov Silin.

Vice governor marked that over 200 ths. Bashkirs and Tatars live in the Middle Urals, and our region constructively  is collaborating with the Republic of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan in economic, scientific-technical and cultural areas.

On behalf  of governor  Evegeniy Kuivashev, vice governor   greeted   honorary guests, having arrived to the Middle  Urals from the Republic of Tatarstn and Bashkortostan. A symbol of region — the Ural’s malachite, Yakov Silin handed  to chairman of executive committee of the World Congress of Tatars, deputy of RT State Council  Rinat Zakirov and deputy Bashkortostan   minister of culture  Shamil Abdrakov.

On behalf of president of the Republic of Tatarstan  Rustam Minnikhanov, the guests of the festive were welcomed   by Sariya Sirazieva, RT first deputy minister of economy. A distinguished guest marked that Sabantui is traditionally celebrated throughout Russia at municipal, oblast and federal levels, and this year an international Sabantui would  be   held in St. Petersburg that enables  to speak about growing popularity and importance of the festive uniting peoples.

Traditionally, best sportsmen, figures of art, participants of amateurs  talent groups and representative of folk crafts performed at the oblast Sabantui. Decoration of the festive became  «Kuresh», arms-wrestling, raising weights, horse race and many other exciting sports competitions. Folklore –ethnographic  platforms, underlining inimitable diversity an cultural specifics of peoples of the Urals enjoyed a special  attention among the audience. National courtyards representing cultural and culinary traditional and domestic life were as always hospitable.

Performances of professional artists on the main scene were interspersed with awarding  the winners of main contests. On this day famous stars of Tatar variety Aidar Galimov, guzel Urazova, Ilnar Khakimov, Rishat Tukhvatullinm Danir Sabirov, Ilnar Valiev and others  were pleasing  the Urals residents and guests.

On small stage, performances of amateur groups of Sverdlovsk oblast  and contest of  young performers of Tatar and Bashkir songs took place. A lot of people were near children’s scene where in the  program «Children’s Sabantui» the most young festive participants sang, danced competed in dexterity, speed and smartness.

We add that organizers of the festive were oblast ministry of culture, Palace of folk creativity, department of culture and sports of Berezovsky city district, permanent representations of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan in Sverdlovsk oblast.

Source: oblgazeta.ru

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