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Rustam Minnikhanov met with representatives of the Tatar community in Finland

Rustam Minnikhanov met with representatives of the Tatar community in Finland

The President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov met with representatives of the Tatar community in Finland, met Meeting with the Tatars in Finland took place at the Tatar spiritual and cultural center of Finland.

In total, the event was attended by over 100 representatives of the Tatar community. Communication was conducted in the Tatar language.

Currently, Finland is home to about a thousand Tatars. Most live in Helsinki (about 500 people), and the rest – in the cities of Tampere, Turku, Kotka, Rauma and Vassa, Yarvinpaa.

Meeting was opened by the chairman of the Muslim community in Finland Atik Ali. First, he stated that Muslims in Finland, as well as Muslims around the world condemn the terrorist attacks in Paris, having taken

place on 13 November. Atik Ali said that in Finland live in harmony both Orthodox and Muslims, and representatives of other religions.

More details Atik Ali focused on relations with the Muslim community in Finland, the Republic of Tatarstan, as one of the regions of Russia. So, a close cooperation is under way with the World Congress of Tatars (WCT). In addition, between Kazan and Helsinki d direct flights (flights are operated company “Finnair» – Finnair) have been organized, which, according to Atik Ali, contributes to the development of tourism.

In turn, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, addressing the participants of the meeting noted that the Tatars in Finland were able to maintain their native language, culture and customs of its people. This is a good example for all of us, he said.

Today, economic growth is based on new technologies, innovation, said Rustam Minnikhanov, and Finland’s experience in these areas for us as relevant as ever.

We try to strengthen contacts with the Tatars living in the regions of Russia and abroad, including in Finland, Rustam Minnikhanov said. He recalled that for those wishing to learn the Tatar language an on-line training program Ana Tele through the Internet was created,

and successfully is being run, the project TNV – Planet – non-satellite channel about the life in the republic and abroad, the WCT is actively cooperating with the Tatar Diaspora.

Rustam Minnikhanov also presented Letters of thanks of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan representatives of the Tatar community in Finland.

During the meeting the members of the Tatar community men’s choir performed, who sang the song in the Tatar language. Rustam Minnikhanov invited artists to come to Kazan with the concert program at a convenient time for them. According to him, this will contribute to the strengthening of friendly relations between Finland and Tatarstan.

Further, upon the welcoming speech the imam of the Muslim community in Finland Ramil Hazrat Belyaev spoke. He expressed confidence that the meetings such as today, allow to preserve the traditions, language and culture of his people.

Ramil Belyaev also spoke about the cultural and educational activities of the community, the work on the preparation and printing of religious literature and wished Tatarstan and Tatar community in Finland for further cooperation and warm relations.

At the meeting Rustam Minnikhanov asked to assist in printing textbooks for the study of the Tatar language in the Latin alphabet – it will facilitate the process of studying the Tatars abroad their mother tongue, not only in Finland, but also in Australia, the US and other countries.

The meeting continued with a concert of amateur performances. Russian singer Albert Asadullin.

performed for guests and participants of the event


For reference:

The society “Islamia ” has in Helsinki a separate five-storey building, which was built in 1960 by Tatars at their own expense. Now it houses the Tatar national cultural center in Finland.

Tatar youth of Finland has created its own organization – «FTB» («Fin tatar birligi»), whose main task is to solve the cultural problems.

For many years, the local Tatar newspaper “News of the community” is being issued.

March 20 – 23, 2014, in Helsinki, a meeting of the Bureau of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars (WCT) was held.

As part of the ethnic tourism from August 3 to 11, 2015, Kazan was visited by a group of compatriots from Tampere and Helsinki in the amount of 27 people.

In accordance with the agreement reached during the visiting session of the Bureau of the WCT in Helsinki, at the invitation of Tatar gymnasium № 2 after S. Marjani, from October 10 to 16 , 2015 a group of 18 compatriots living in Finland visited Kazan. The children were placed in the Tatar families.

Every year in Finland a national holiday Sabantui is held. In 2015, it took place on June 14, in Helsinki. The event is traditionally held by efforts of the community.

Press office RT President, Elena Britvina.

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