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Daily Archives: 29.05.2019

Kazan is preparing for Sabantuy for a million euros

  May 29,2019 Almost 72 million rubles are ready to spend the Kazan authorities on wedding of arable land and plow. This money is intended for the celebration of Sabantui at four sites: in the Birch Grove near the village of Mirny, in the forest park at Lebyazhy Lake, at the Kazan hippodrome in Derbyshki. Bayanists and humorists will entertain ...

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Irada Ayupova spoke about the difficulties in installing the monument to Syuyumbike in Kazan

May 29, 2019 According to the monument to Syuyumbike, there is no concrete solution yet. The work by  the sculptor Kamil Mullachev is there, but there are questions about the installation of this monument, Tatarstan Culture Minister Irada Ayupova told at a traditional meeting with journalists. “Kamil Mullashev has a very interesting work, we discussed it at  meeting of the ...

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