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How Tatars of Chuvashia live

The National-Cultural Autonomy of Tatars of Chuvashia - one of the most prominent of associations of the Chuvash Republic, it was established in 1997. On what is done in Chuvashia by efforts of representatives of the Tatar community, the problems faced in the work, told chairman of the organization Ferit Gibatdinov.

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Rinat Zakirov: “When something happens among Tatars, they immediately say: where WCT (World Congress of Tatars) looks at ?”

What caused DISCORD of Tatars in Moscow and Kiev, WHY “Tatneft” must intervene in the affairs of the Tatar community in Kiev and by what Fauzia Bairamova is busy with in WCT? Chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Tatar Congress Rinat Zakirov is going to the end to defend his opinion on the Presidency of the Republic of ...

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Kazan – Crimea: Relics of people require joint efforts

The studio “Donyo ” introduces you to Gulliver Altin – organizer of unique culture and philanthropist, who knows the price of blood brotherhood and constructive cooperation for the benefit of their people and other fraternal peoples. Lodging in France, at his own expense , he has collected more than 1,500 documents, maps, portraits and other rarities, telling about the history ...

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The most amicable Tatars live in Baku

At the height of summer, on July 15, in Baku, Tatars celebrated their national festival Sabantuy. Milyausha Gumerova, the responsible official of the World Congress of Tatars, visited Baku and shared the joy of the festival with theTatars living there. The festival, being interrupted by an unexpected downpour, then continued in the hall. – Milyausha Khanum, let’s start our conversation ...

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