Daily Archives: 02.09.2019

An exhibition of halal products will be held in Samara

September 02, 2019 The exhibition was organized as part of World Halal Day – the largest annual event in the world of Islamic business, which this year is held for the first time in Russia. The certified Halal products and services will be presented by 200 exhibitors from 20 countries. Exhibition tents will be placed on Samara Square named after ...

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Spectators with rapture  met the comedy “Epipe” in the Tatar language

  September 02, 2019 The premiere of the first Tatarstan musical “Epipe” ended on the eve of the “Tatarstan Film Week”, which started in Kazan on August 23. An important feature of the event was the fact that this year, films shot by Tatarstan directors over the past 2 years have been  presented to the public. The full-length film “Epipe” ...

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The opening of the museum of Fatih Karim took place in the village of Aitovo

The Fatih Karim Museum was opened on July 19, 1971. Over time, the building was dilapidated and needed repairs. In 2017, compatriots from Bashkortostan turned to  Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan, Chairman of the National Council Vasil Shaykhraziev with a request for restoration of the museum. Vasil Shaikhraziev supported the idea. Thus, repair work has  started. And on the occasion ...

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