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President of Tatarstan: All-Russian gathering of entrepreneurs from Tatar villages has proved to be effective because we will continue this practice in future

All-Russian gathering of entrepreneurs from Tatar villages has proved to be effective because we will continue this practice in future. So said the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov at the plenary session of the V All gathering of businessmen from Tatar villages of Tatarstan and other Russian regions

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The delegation of St. Petersburg took part in the forum of Tatar local lore

The Executive Committee of the World Tatar Congress October 29-30, 2015, held an All-Russian Forum of local lore in Kazan, for which from many regions of Russia came more than 150 local historians: journalists, teachers, museum workers, representatives of other professions, united by an interest in the history of the Tatars in the places of their residence. We note the number of the most representative of the delegation were from Bashkortostan. For the first time in one room we met Kazan expert historians, many enthusiasts, researchers and students of the Kazan universities.

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Rinat Zakirov: “When something happens among Tatars, they immediately say: where WCT (World Congress of Tatars) looks at ?”

What caused DISCORD of Tatars in Moscow and Kiev, WHY “Tatneft” must intervene in the affairs of the Tatar community in Kiev and by what Fauzia Bairamova is busy with in WCT? Chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Tatar Congress Rinat Zakirov is going to the end to defend his opinion on the Presidency of the Republic of ...

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Rinat Zakirov : “In March, representatives of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars arrive in Kazan”

Tatarstan deputies uncover background of talks of Russian senators with Crimean Tatar leaders The agency “Tatmedia” held a press conference just returned from a three-day trip to the Crimea five deputies of the RT State Council Rinat Zakirov, Robert Minnullin , Razil Valeev, Viktor Budarin and Rafil Nagumanov, who told about the results of their hard diplomatic mission, what they ...

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Wrestling “Koresh” takes course to European and Asian Games

At the last meeting of the ANOC (ANOC) Association of National Olympic Committees in Lausanne (Switzerland ), President of the International Association of Tatar Wrestling “Koresh” and Russia’s Federation of Koresh Dzhaudat Minnakhmetov continental associations and leaders of Europe (EOC ) and Asia ( OCA ) discussed strengthening of positions of wrestling “Koresh” in the world sports arena. Dzhaudat Minnakhmetov ...

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Press conference by Rinat Zakirov at the Tatarstan State Council

On October 18, at a press conference in the national parliament, chairman of executive committee of the WCT, deputy of the State Council Rinat Zakirov informed the media about preliminary results of the World Congress of Tatars in 2013. According to him, the highest priority in the activities of the Congress is preservation and promotion of national education, interaction with ...

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