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An event in honor of International Women’s Day was held in the city of Karshi

An event in honor of International Women’s Day was held in the city of Karshi

The Kashkadarya Regional Tatar-Bashkir National Cultural Center, with the support of the Karshi Specialized Music School, held an event dedicated to International Women’s Day – March 8.

As the director of the center Firyuza Ikhsanova noted in her opening speech, the woman is the keeper of the hearth and cultural traditions, she stands at the origins of crafts and agriculture, which she began to practice in anticipation of a male hunter. Caring for children and elderly family members prompted her to give up her nomadic life and stay in a hut near a grain field. Thus, guided by intuition, a woman laid the first stone in the foundation of modern civilization. “A man is great on earth and throughout the ages, but every iota of his greatness grew out of a woman,” said the American poet Walt Whitman. “You are a woman, you are a book between books, you are a folded, sealed scroll,” thought the poet Valery Bryusov. A scroll that has yet to unfold as the woman continues to search for her rightful place in our lives.

Happy holiday, dear women!

She performed the poem “Ak kүnelle analar”.

Veteran of higher education of the region, candidate of pedagogical sciences Saniya Mildizina read the famous poems of Yevgeny Yevtushenko “Light as a wedge” and Uigun “Sedina”.

Director of the Chirakchi regional branch of the center Farhad Rakhmanov, activists of the center Nazhiya Ganiyeva, Tanzilla Khakimova, Guzal Dzhanizakova, Elvira Galichkina, Alfiya Beynarovich, disabled person of the first group Roza Kurbanova spoke at the event about the importance of the role of women in our society, about the attention that a woman is surrounded by in our society. state. They expressed their gratitude to the organizers of the event and wished everyone a spring mood.

A lot of positive emotions were presented to the audience of the event by the students of the Karshi specialized school Dilmurod Makhmudov, Sayimnazar Ziyodullaev and Asilbek Kuziev. They performed the popular songs “Blue Eternity”, “O sole mio”, “I met a girl”, “If I were a Sultan”, “Let the whole world wait” and others.

With a thunder of applause, the audience saw off the stage and the activist of the center, a disabled person of the first group, Ildar Rakhmatullin. He sang sincere Tatar and Russian songs dedicated to the beautiful half of humanity, and also read poems dedicated to the Woman.

The soloists of the ensemble “Koyash” at the regional Tatar-Bashkir national cultural center Bakhor and Diyora Ibragimov, Amina Egamberdieva and Safira Khazieva, who performed Tatar, Spanish, gypsy dances, also made a significant contribution to the festive atmosphere of the event.

A group of women from among the activists of the center were presented with memorable gifts in honor of the holiday.

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