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Tatar language room presented in Buinsk kindergarten

Tatar language room presented in Buinsk kindergarten

In kindergarten, the child receives education and upbringing in the Tatar language, communicates with his fellow tribesmen, gets acquainted with the rich experience of previous generations, history, traditions, and customs.

To achieve these goals, all conditions have been created in the kindergarten “Svetoforik” in the city of Buinsk. The presentation of the room of the Tatar language took place the day before. The ceremony was attended by the head of the Buinsky municipal district Ranis Kamartdinov, the deputy chairman of the Buinsky executive committee – the head of the education department of the Buinsky municipal region Natalia Makedonskaya.

The children greeted the guests in the Tatar language. The teacher for teaching the Tatar language Safiullina G. Z. acquainted with the results of the work and mastering the lessons of the Tatar language in kindergarten. As an example, the guys demonstrated Tatar folk games, invited guests to watch the evening “Aulak-өy”.

Remembering forgotten traditions and customs, they had fun with songs and dances. The head of the Buinsky municipal district, Ranis Kamartdinov, expressed his opinion about the Tatar language room:

“We are obliged to create the necessary conditions in the kindergarten for a comfortable and effective study of the Tatar and Russian languages. Language proficiency is a great wealth. The start of the process of mastering the Tatar language as a state language from early preschool age is the preparation of a good foundation for the school stage of education,” he said, highly appreciating the activity of children.

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