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Free addition “Guide on Universiade-2013” launched

«Executive office «Kazan- 2013» issued free mobile addition  «Guide on  XXVII World summer Universiade  2013». With the help of addition, it is possible to find the most fresh time- table of contests be aware  about cultural program of the Games, to obtain information about sports subjects objects of Universiade, to get familiarized  with the latest results and observe changes in ...

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A regular Isker-jien will take place in Tobolsk

June 7-10, 2013, a festive Isker-jien, already having become a traditional, to be held in. In its framework, the organizers arrange scientific-practical conference and festival of historic-cultural heritage. Dedicated to history and culture of Siberian Tatar. This measure attracts each more and more guests. The conference will take place on June  7 in Tobolsk of Tyumen oblast, and on June  ...

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129 Settlements in Tatarstan Fell Into the Flooding Zone of Kuybyshev Reservoir

55 years ago 290 ha in the region of Zhiguli Dam (previous name of Kuybyshev Reservoir) were swamped. Alexeyevsky, Laishevsky and Kuybyshevsky (Spassky) districts suffered the most. According to the specified data from Ulyanovsk researcher Eugene Burdin 149 settlements in Tatarstan were swamped, among them 88 were swamped entirely and 61 – partially. Water instead of forest In 1952 4511 ...

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The Golden Horde and philistine’s stereotypes

After watching the film “The Horde” I came to the conclusion that the authors have laid an emphasis on barbarism, stupidity and primitivism of the conquerors and tried to present the Tatars as brutal monsters killing the Russians without any reason just for fun. All the Tatars are shown to be the same – there’s no normal human being among ...

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Always speak the native language

Kostroma land is traditionally a multi-ethnic region. Its territory is inhabited by more than 100 ethnic groups. Gulfiya Khafizova has been living in the village of Kurnovo of the Kostroma region for many years, she is well known here, she is very friendly with people. Gulfiya Mubarakovna is Tatar. In her father’s house parents spoke only in the Tatar language, ...

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The 20th anniversary of the Law on Languages ​​of Tatarstan

This anniversary date allows us to estimate the development of languages ​​in a multicultural republic of the multinational Russian Federation. There is a point of view that, well, one must not worry about the languages, which sooner or later become extinct, so, it is enough to know English and Russian, and possibly Chinese, to walk boldly across the Earth in ...

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