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Always speak the native language

Always speak the native language

Kostroma land is traditionally a multi-ethnic region. Its territory is inhabited by more than 100 ethnic groups.

Gulfiya Khafizova has been living in the village of Kurnovo of the Kostroma region for many years, she is well known here, she is very friendly with people.

Gulfiya Mubarakovna is Tatar. In her father’s house parents spoke only in the Tatar language, and she knows it well. Her parents kept and preserved national traditions, but they did not live in the ancestral homeland, and most of their lives spent in the Kirov region.

Gulfiya came here after graduating the Kazan University, where she studied veterinary medicine. She worked at the state farm of “Palkino”, then at the collective farm of “Druzhba”, and at the veterinary station. She lived in the village Malinino, the district center, and now is living in the village of Kurnov.

This woman is always among the people, communicating with them, helps to other people.

Source:  Information-analytical department of the Kostroma region

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