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140 people from 40 regions of Russia will come to Kazan on Tatar Youth Days

140 people from 40 regions of Russia will come to Kazan on Tatar Youth Days

August 08, 2019

Days of the Tatar youth this year will be held from August 26 to 30 on the ship “Boris Polevoy”. This was reported by  Deputy Minister of Youth of Tatarstan Timur Suleymanov and director of the Idel Center, Laysan Safina.

– The project has a very simple but important goal – supporting Tatar youth on the same wavelength, sharing knowledge and ideas. All   the  participants will present to other delegations projects implemented in their regions. At the end of the forum, each participant will have a whole collection of new projects on hand, ”says Suleymanov.

According to the organizers, representatives of other nationalities are showing interest in the Days.   This year among these, representatives from Turkey and Uzbekistan this year. But for now, only Tatars, except one person, are still participants in the forum. This time a Bashkir will be taken to the ship.

– In Bashkortostan, they also hold the Days of Bashkir youth. But the guys themselves say that in recent years the project is losing relevance. One young man sincerely wants to see with his own eyes how this event is being held with us and we invited him to the Tatar Youth Days, ”said Laysan Safina.

The DTM program includes master classes in vocals, acting, dancing, and applied art. A special place is given to the lessons of the Tatar language, because not all forum participants are fluent in it.

– We could bring together 150 people from the Tatar villages, so that on a board  all our participants would speak only Tatar. It is very simple. But the design idea is different. It consists in uniting patriots not only in words, but also in practice, those who create and want to create projects about the history and culture of the Tatar people, the deputy minister said.

As part of the program, the participants of the Days will visit Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl and Kostroma. In these cities, meetings with the Tatars will be organized to discuss local issues.

Prior to the start of the DTM, the Idel Youth Center will host a children’s profile shift, «Milltebez khzinәlәre – Treasures of the Nation», from August 13 to 23. 120 children from Russian regions will attend various master classes, Tatar language lessons, make excursions to Kazan and ancient Bolgar.

These children will soon become participants in the youth shift. Days of Tatar youth, speakers hope.





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