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A beautiful Tatar festival “Kaz Omese” in Shakhmajkino held

In the Tatar villages in November, the holidays “Kaz Omese” – the feast of white feathers begin. “Kaz Omese” is a tradition that develops  generosity, in people, patience and willingness to come to the aid in relations between people.

One of the beautiful national ceremonies of “Kaz Omese” shows solidarity, mutual assistance of the people, their ability to work together and have fun. In many villages “Kaz Omese”, is becoming   a natural event, giving people joy and the opportunity to look to the future with hope. Traditionally, on that day, goose meat is harvested for future use and down is  plucked for pillows. This bird is considered a symbol of prosperity. “Kaz Omese” is not only a work, but also an event of communication, entertainment.

On November 15, the holiday of Kaz Omese was held at the farm of hospitable, sociable and benevolent masters of the village of Shakhmajkino Rinat and Gulfiya Salavatovs.  They invited neighbors, relatives to take part in plucking geese. Rahila Garifullina, Mavliya Gainutdinova, Fania Garifullin, Nafisa Gilmutdinova, Ruzalia Galyautdinova, Gulzhikhan Garifullina, Minzif Galyautdinov, Aigul Vafina, Leysan Garifullina, etc. came to the celebration.

From 8 am the pinned geese were plucked and processed, they did not forget to sing their favorite songs “Kaz Kanaty”, “Kublyuk” and to conduct conversations on different topics at work.

Here workers of culture of Shakhmakino village Abdullina R. Kh., Zagrutdinova LI, head of Shakhmaykinsky kindergarten Garifullin LM,

harmonist  Shavkat Adiullin rejoiced with their fervent songs and incendiary dances. Under the sounds of harmony and national songs the participants of the event were shown as earlier and now the ceremony of “Kaz Omsee” is held.

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