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A citywide children’s holiday passed in the mosque Yardem

A citywide children’s holiday passed in the mosque Yardem

On the square of the mosque ” Yardem ” of Kazan city, a citywide children’s holiday passed. At the celebration of children and parents, children from all over the city, regardless of religion, were involved . Celebration was attended by over 500 children of Kazan, there were also guests from other regions of Russia. Event Organizer – Muslim youth club “Iman Yorty”, mosque ” Yardem.”

During the holiday, master classes, sports contests, games were held, charity fair worked, children painted with henna. Children were served out cotton candy and treats with tea. Children’s festival, which took place at the citywide level, Kazan imams gave high estimation. According to the imam –khatyib of the mosque ” Salihdzhan ” of Kazan Renat Muzaferov, this project is an effective way to spread kindness and friendship.

First time in the history of Muslims of Tatarstan, theaters named after Karim Tinchurin and Gabdulla Kariev showed performances on the area of the mosque ” Yardem ” under the open sky. Also, the doll theater ” Ekiyat ” entertained children and parents. As imam –khatyyb of the khatyyb ” Yardem ”

Ildar Hazrat Bayazitov said, Kazanians saw how Muslims can celebrate holidays on example of holyday for children.

– All the comers could take part in the festival, regardless of religion and nationality. Theaters show performances, artists appear, and it all happens in a mosque. Children’s festival showed good face of the mosque – told Ildar Bayazitov .

There were also guests from the Russian regions. Imam hatyyb of the mosque of Volzhsk town, Mari El republic, Marat Hazrat Abdullin came to a children’s holiday with a group of children of parishioners. For other regions, Kazan always shows an example , and this holiday will be the impetus for social activation of mosques, Marat Hazrat ABdullin said.

Children’s holiday has been visited by head of the Administration of the Kirov and Moscow regions Damir Fattakhov and his son. Head of the regions expressed gratitude to the organizers and said that the mosque ” Yardem” became the center of goodness and social assistance.

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