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A holiday for women – activists of the city of Dzerzhinsk

A holiday for women – activists of the city of Dzerzhinsk

March 17, 2020

On March 15, a festive event dedicated to March 8 was held at the office of MNCAT in Dzerzhinsk. The holiday was organized by Zukhra-khanum Abdulina, a teacher of the Tatar language, the soul of the Tatar center in Dzerzhinsk,  initiator of many events for the Tatars and their organizer, also an activist of RNATNO. And the holiday turned out to be sincere, warm and sincere.

Beautifully set tables, a concert program, and gifts were waiting for the women who came to the holiday. From  Executive Committee, RNATNO   marked  also   the most active and caring women of this city. Zuhra Khanum read a beautiful congratulation in the Tatar language from the leadership of RNATNO and presented unusual gifts – handmade soap in the form of flowers. It is especially pleasant that the awarded women already called and wrote with words of gratitude that their participation in public life did not go unnoticed.

And on March 5, at  the MROM of Dzerzhinsk, she organized a holiday for activists of the Ak Kalfak women’s organization. The event was attended by  Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims, the Deputy Chairman of RNATNO – Gayaz Hazrat Zakirov. Memorable gifts from the Spiritual Administration of Muslims, certificates of honor to the most active women were presented. Words of gratitude sounded also from the Executive Committee of RNATNO to activists of Dzerzhinsky “Ak kalfak”, whose leader is Alfiya-khanum Sibgatullina. All women received traditional Tatar sweets and a letter of appreciation for their active work.

P.S. At the moment, in the city of Dzerzhinsk, active work is being carried out in the public life of the Tatars, both at MNKAT and at mosques.




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