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A Tatar camp works in Spain

A Tatar camp works in Spain

A Tatar camp works in Spain

August 13, 2018

The Tatar camp on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea was replenished these days by a group of guys from Aktanysh  village. “Tatar Camp for Kids in Spain” – the initiative and product of the public organization “Tatars in Belgium”, located in the resort area near the city of Alicante, has been gathering  children for  recreation from different countries for the third year in July and August.

For compatriots with Tatar roots living in Europe, it is important to hear native speech from the mouth of their children. The problem is that many parents, unfortunately, themselves speak  low level of Tatar, use Russian or local languages ​​at home, and are not always able to motivate children to learn the language of their ancestors. The project  has been  successfully implemented by the Tatars of Belgium is  supported    by  parents in their efforts to pass  their native language to the younger generation.

Students of the humanitarian gymnasia N12, who flew from Tatarstan to Spain, became teachers   for European children who are engaged in language and culture during school holidays. And conversely, live communication with native speakers of European languages, helps aktanyshers  to practice  pronunciation of foreign languages, supplement their vocabulary, and in natural communication adopt finished   constructions. In addition, the organizers provided for daily English lessons and on-site practical classes.

Activity counselors  for the “Tatar Camp for Kids in Spain” have been directed  today to the camp  by  Committee on Children and Youth of the Executive Committee of Kazan. It is important that they picked up not only a mass- entertainer, a practical teacher, but also a real ambassador of the Tatar national culture. The World Congress of the Tatars ferried the educational and methodological literature in sufficient quantity, so that children not only rely on scientific material during the days of the camp, but also take it away with them for use in the winter. It is gratifying that the project of the public organization “Tatars of Belgium” was also originally supported by the Almetyevsky municipality: in one of the suitcases of the activity counselors, there are  colorful headscarves with a national design arrived.






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