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A tribute to the Poet and Citizen solemnly paid at the center of Chelyabinsk

A tribute to the Poet and Citizen solemnly paid at the center of Chelyabinsk

February 15, the birthday of Musa Jalil, in the park, at the intersection of Timiryazev and Pushkin streets a rally dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the poet, Hero of the Soviet Union, a laureate of the State Prize was held.

The Congress of Chelyabinsk region Tatars invited Chelyanetsers to remember him, his life, works and an immortal feat. Anniversary birthday of M. Jalil brought together representatives of all branches of government, public figures, heads of educational and cultural institutions, members of the regional office of the Russian Union of Writers, war and labor veterans, schoolchildren.

The theme of the meeting determined by leading – actors of Drama theatre after Naum Orlov Ekaterina Zentsova and Vadim Dolgovykh “A bright poetic talent, extraordinary destiny, ardent love for the motherland, his native home, friends, a great faith in man and humanity – all of this is a multifaceted Musa Jalil”.

On behalf of the deputies of the regional parliament on the anniversary of the poet Deputy Chairman of the Chelyabinsk region Legislative Assembly Aleksandr Zhuravlev congratulated the gathered. He reminded not only of the rich creative heritage by the poet, but also an extraordinary courage of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

«Musa Jalil has fully demonstrated not ostentatious patriotism, having found himself in a difficult situation, in a German prison, he was not broken, heroically held on to the last, keeping his comrades, – Alexander Zhuravlev said.- On this day I would like to wish not to forget our heroes, let M. Jalil’s works excite for a long time minds and ignite the hearts of many generations of Russians. Reading his poems, even hundreds of boys and girls be inspired by the spirit of patriotism. Thanks to Congress of Tatars that has attracted particular attention to this. ”

A deputy of the Legislative Assembly, Chairman of the Congress of Tatars of Chelyabinsk Region Lena Kolesnikova gave the participants of the rally gratitude for preserving the memory of Jalil from his daughter – Chulpan Museevna Zalilova.

«110th anniversary of the poet’s birthday – it’s almost one third in his life. Musa Jalil short lived 38 years, and for more than 70 years he lives in our memory – she said. – M. Jalil’s poetry performs the great mission: gives strength and energy for work and creativity, brings people living in different parts of our huge multinational country. Today M. Jalil’s poetry is going through a symbolic rebirth, we rediscover his books and his destiny. ”

After the war, not immediately was figured out what role M. Jalil had played in organizing resistance. Against him a case for treason was initiated. The famous poet Konstantin Simonov played an important role in rehabilitation of Musa Jalil. February 2, 1956 for an exceptional firmness and courage, Musa Jalil was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and a year later he (the first among the poets) Lenin Prize for his cycle of poems “Moabit Notebook” was awarded.

M. Jalil has been translated by great Russian poets Anna Akhmatova, Veronica Tushnova, Edward Bagritsky, Semyon Lipkin, Paul Antokolsky, Jacob Kozlowski … In the 50-70-ies the “Moabit Notebook” has been translated into 60 languages.

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