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A trip to Mamadysh for Sabantui

A trip to Mamadysh for Sabantui

June 3-4, 2016, a delegation consisting of head of Dmitrov town V. Logachev, chairman of RTNKA MO (Regional Tatar National Cultural Autonomy, Moscow oblast) F.Mukhtasarov, Chairman of the MTNKA of the Dmitrov rayon R. Bulatov, head of the group “Tatar tunes” from town Podolsk H. Suleymanova and representative of the cultural department of the Administration of Dmitrov rayon O. Bogomolova at the official invitation to visit the Republic of Tatarstan visited Mamadysh region.

In the morning, the delegation (except V. Logachev – he arrived by plane) were able to walk through the territory of the Kazan Kremlin. Then went to Mamadysh. Guests have been given a wonderful welcome. They met with a clean and cozy town of Mamadysh, some enterprises visited museum, and, of course, were guests of honor in the district Sabantui which by its content and scale impressed everyone. Preliminary talks on the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between Dmitrov and Mamadysh region were also held. At a meeting with the Head of rayon A. Ivanov, for Chairman of RTNKA MO it was confirmed that Mamadysh is ready to accept this year 20 pupils from RTNKA MO to summer rest camp “Kama”.

Soon, the Moscow Regional Sabantui. And we will meet July 9 the delegation of Mamadysh rayon to acquaint them to the Dmitrov rayon and July 10 to hold the holiday together.

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