Home / About 5 thousand people gathered on Independence “Baltacha HALAL – FAIR 2015”
About 5 thousand people gathered on Independence “Baltacha HALAL – FAIR 2015”

About 5 thousand people gathered on Independence “Baltacha HALAL – FAIR 2015”

At “Baltacha HALAL – Fair” dedicated to the end of the holy month of Ramadan and celebration of Eid al-Fitr, thousands of visitors have come from the Republic of Tatarstan and other regions of the Russian Federation, producers of halal products, farmers, creative collectives.

The celebration began with reading out verses from the Koran, a well- known figure Hafiz Ibrahim Sabirov. Tatarstan Chief kazy Jalil Hazrat Fazlyev thanked the organizers. Advisor to the Prime Minister Linar Yakupov congratulated all the participants on the Uraza -bairam and spoke about the significance of the holiday. Head of the Executive Committee of the RT Baltasinsky RT region Ramil Shakirov welcomed the audience. The fair was attended by 8 manufacturers from Baltach.

The first came for the fest “Syzran meat plant”, people were standing in line to buy their products. S.P. Nabiullin from Tatarstan Bugulma region is known for the production of koumiss. The businessmen from Orenburg arrived – the family of Huziakhmetovs. In order to participate at the fair they are not afraid to drive thousands of kilometers. Representatives from Tomsk, Bashkortstan Republic, Chuvashia, Mari El. Major producers “Pestrechinka”, “Poultry Complex “Ak Bars”. “Baltasinsky meat product” unwrapped at the fair site a master – class and treated dumplings to all. Products of JSC “Plant of Kukmorsky metalloposudy” is known not only in Tatarstan, but also in Russia and the CIS. OOO “Kazan-Alokozay” prepared gifts to customers. All members of the National Association of Halal industry were in national dress.

About 50 manufacturers and craftsmen on one Maidan not only were selling their products, but also talked, planned joint cooperation projects. The younger generation of entrepreneurs also presented their products. For children there was a special site. Nobody from the Maidan has gone without gifts. For those who were able to recite sura from the Koran, the National Association of Halal industry prepared gifts.

Presenter of the holiday Ilyas Khalikov audience asked questions on the subject of halal. As it turned out, many were well informed.

For the participants of the fair were the artists have been specially invited:Ensemble “Kazan egetlyare” sang popular songs that all were singing together. Performance of Indian groups from South America left nobody indifferent, everybody wanted to take a picture with them, the young singer Ilyas Yakupov was hailed. On stage there were the artists from Baltasinsky region. There were guests from Turke, Tatars from China, political and public figures.

The organizer of this annual bright and exciting event was the National Association of Halal Industry (Nasih) with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Standards Committee “Halal” at Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Tatarstan, administration of Baltasinsky region and halal industrial park “Baltacha”. The purpose of the event – providing the population with high-quality products at affordable prices, support for Halal producers, promotion of cultural Islamic values, the development of a healthy diet and the promotion of “Halal” products.

Manufacturers of Halal products and craftsmen received a Letter of thanks, and all together took photos of that day.

“The National Association of Halal Industry”

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