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About rituals of Tatar culture in the children’s creativity

About rituals of Tatar culture in the children’s creativity

November 23, 2016, at 15.00 pm, the Concert Hall “Ekiyat” (Peterburgskaya, 57, 1st floor) will host a large-scale festival dedicated to the publication of the first book “HAZINE” about the traditions and customs of peoples living in Tatarstan.

It will engage the pupils and teachers of the Children’s Art School №1, children’s dance groups, music schools, students, the ensemble “Ne Za Mi” under Dmitry Bikchentaev, artists of Tatar Youth Theater named after G. Kariev and invited guests.

In 2014 in Kazan with participation of RT Cultural Development Support Fund under the President, the Ministry of Culture, Department of Culture of Kazan, the Republican Center of Traditional Culture and the Children’s art school №1 in Kazan the project “HAZINE” has started whose main aim is a reflection of the beauty of folk festivals, traditions, customs, tales and legends of the peoples residing in Tatarstan, in the light of the child’s perception. The result of the first phase of the project was the publication of the album of the best works by young artists (aged 10 to 15 years).

The uniqueness of publication is not only that it has no analogues in the republic or in the country, but also in the fact that it is the children have managed cleverly and correctly to reflect in the original stories and images of originality and uniqueness of Tatar culture. During the project, the scientists of the Republican center of traditional culture organized lectures to familiarize children and teachers of art school №1 with the manners and customs of the Tatars, ethnic clothes, rural life, housing, and especially the national ornament. As a result of many years of cooperation – literal opening of the theme competent in children’s works, sound composition with skillful use of color and light, serious work on passing the character of images. The publication is interesting by the fact

that different techniques have been used in the submitted works – gouache, clay, dough, felt, application techniques, papier-mache, stained glass technique.


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