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Aidar Faizrakhmanov “Gosansambel (state ensemble) of folk music is perceived with delight abroad”

Aidar Faizrakhmanov “Gosansambel (state ensemble) of folk music is perceived with delight abroad”

On January 30, the G.Tukai Tatar State Philharmonic, an anniversary concert of Honored Artist of Russia, People’s Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, artistic director of the G.Tukai Tatar State Philharmonic and RT state ensemble of folk music Aydar Fayzrahmanov takes place. The concert dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the artist. Today, at a meeting with journalists Aidar Faizrakhmanov answered questions about his work and the upcoming concert.

“Throughout his life a man goes through obstacles, through approvals. My anniversary concert called “Life is Beautiful”, and I really think that life is beautiful. But at my age life is more interesting. Earlier thought that a man at 60 years – a very deep old man. But I feel absolutely young in every way. Recently Vladimir Zeldin visited us , he is almost 100 years old. So I went to his concert with a feeling that I’m a boy, I’m only 60. Behind me a huge experience: 27 years of work in the opera house, more than 30 years on stage, 12 years on television. In addition, 15 years director of the ensemble, I have traveled to 40 countries, “- said Aidar Faizrakhmanov.

He marked that recently he was thinking a lot about what kind of art would become a brand of Tatarstan. Artist came to the conclusion that they might only be folklore. Folklore Ensemble is interest causes among the public to the Tatar art anywhere in the world, and it is clear to any people. Aidar Faizrakhmanov believes that the time has come when you need to make every effort for RT Gosansambl of folk music participated in all the cultural events that take place in the world – not only in Europe but also in Asia and Africa.

“I’m glad that everything I do is always seen. I released two research collections. Mintimer Shaimiev wrote me a thanks letter for them, I was struck by his attention to me. Recent folklore collections were released 30-40 years ago, then nobody else was engaged by them , “- the artist said.


He said that 16 people are working in the ensemble. The big problem is the lack of departments, which would prepare artists for the ensemble. Aydar Fayzrahmanovu needs versatile artists who can sing, dance, play an instrument, to be real artists who put their hearts out. Artistic director noted that the head is very strict, otherwise he would not be able to raise such professional artists.


The folk music RT Gosansambl, Tatar music ensemble “Tatarika” popular artists of Bashkortostan, Honored Artists of the Republic of Tatartsan and others will feature in the jubilee concert.


“I grew up on the stage of Arsk. I still have the record how I sing a song at 11 years. With this record, and my concert begins . There will be a lot of footage of my life, “- Aidar Faizrakhmanov said.

He said that the concert would sound songs of his own composition.10-15 songs were written over the last six months.

“I do not tell anyone that I write songs. The last 10-15 years, our composers stopped writing professional music and give educated singers. Out of print collections by Rustem Yakhin, Nazib Zhiganov. However young people always need something new and fresh. I threw a stone in the garden of modern composers, that they do not work in this direction, but they should, “- Aidar Faizrakhmanov said.

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