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Ak kalfak – a symbol of feminine beauty

Ak kalfak – a symbol of feminine beauty

April 15,  the society marks the World Day of  culture. The aim of the festival is to establish a tradition of unity of people, education of the younger generation on the basis of culture and beauty. Culture Day should be a single spring holiday  where  a beautiful word,  harmonious music, creative idea will sound.

On this day, women’s organizations of the Penza region “Ak kalfak” held a meeting filled with   a unique creative idea, which is based on a proposal of our favorite magazine “Syuyumbike” to hold regional workshops for the production of the headpiece  made of white satin and pearls.

Step by step guide from  journal pages has been reproduced with the package and raw materials was presented to each guest before the master class. Needlewomen carefully were  getting out details of the future  kalfak of the white satin,  transparent silk and thick spacer fabric, the cut in advance by caring hands   of  Firdaus Tumerkina. It was nice to see how women’s   imagination   was awakening   from   beads and  spreading of pearls. And now, all those present are united  by creative passion:  coils of white threads began rolling , needle flashed in  capable fingers,   harmonics played , and flowed …  somehow  by itself … a Tatar song in a moment  having turned  parlayed or unfamiliar, or just have seen the people into a good  circle of close friends and sisters. All this sweet prelude was crowned    by a welcoming speech from  Elmira Vasilyeva, the leader of the regional women’s organization “Ak kalfak”:

“With gratitude for active and positive response of our young community, I was in Kazan from Kadriya   Idrisova setting for the development of the next step: to create    by my own hands ak kalfak  – a symbol of feminine beauty,  Tatar wisdom and  pure thoughts, be sure to dress up all the activists and in the future, be sure to decorate any event   by  female national costume. ” Then a ready-made, studded with pearls ak kalfak presented,  brought   by Elmira from the fourth National Forum of rural entrepreneurs. Undoubtedly, each of the ladies wanted to be the bearer of such beauty. Active fellow members  Firdaus Tumerkina and Leila Trengulova were encouraged by Elmira Vasilyeva elegant gifts: Tatar national kalfak of velvet, embroidered with gold thread and decorated with silk tassel,  and wishes of  success accomplishments   conceived in the cultural field.

Elmira Vasilyeva,  Penza

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