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Ak kalfak revives traditions

Ak kalfak revives traditions

On November 16, the II Inter-regional festival-seminar “Ak kalfak” gathered those who wish to revive the Tatar-Bashkir culture at the Center for Continuing Education of Children in the city of Strezhevoy, Tomsk Region.

The social project, thought out by the pupils  of the Chishmekey ethnographic school and the participants of the Tatar-Bashkir song ensemble “Laysan” (teacher and leader I. Yakshieva), started on December 1, 2018. For a whole year needlewomen embroidered paintings, sewed Tatar hats, wove flowers and trees from beads, knitted shoes and tablecloths.

The festival-seminar of the Imam-Khatib of the city of Strezhevoy Abdulkhay Hazrat opened. The concert program began with the children’s song “Mommy” (“Әnie”), during which pupils  of the Chishmekey school of ethnography presented their mothers  gifts made by their own hands.

Elizaveta Ivanova

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