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Aliya and Geliya helium host their friends

Aliya and Geliya helium host their friends

On December 8, it was festive at the family of Ferit Efendi and Gulsum khanum Sharapovs in a village Urmaevo. Once again, they and their children with disabilities twins Aliya and Geliya were happy to take in guests at their home, participants of folk ensemble “Mishari” of the Urmaevsky rural House of culture, consisting of their favorite teacher Gelzinur Gayazovna Vakhitova, favorite singer Ildous Minseetovich Shaydullin, teachers of Komsomolskaya children’s music school and workers of the Urmaevsky HC. Aliya, Geliya and their parents are very fond of this collective, know their entire repertoire, listen to their audio-video recordings. On that day, together with members of the ensemble, they sang songs from the repertoire of the ensemble, played, had a fun.

Aliya and Geliya, in spite of their physical condition, expose a keen interest in culture, life of the co-villagers, do not lose heart, enjoy an active

lifestyle, and their parents, with all heart loving their children create all the conditions, facilities, that children do not feel superfluous in this life – for what much Rakhmat(thanks) to them!

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