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Ancient “novelties” from  Rabit Batullah

Ancient “novelties” from  Rabit Batullah

In March 2020, a well-known public figure, teacher, writer, playwright, publicist, Honored Art Worker of TASSR, a member of the Union of Writers of Tatarstan, Rabit Batulla, passed  photographs from the beginning of the 20th century to the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan.

All photos (21 copies) came to us in very good quality. Pictures were taken in the cities of Orenburg, Malmyzh, Kuznetsk, Moscow, Aktyubinsk; at the photo salons  “B.Z. Fishman “,” G. Vasiliev “,” Rembrandt “,” V.K. Pitukhov ”,“ G.V. Trunov. ”

Most of the photos are beautifully decorated with interesting passepartout. Attention is drawn to the advertising of photo salons on their back. There one  can read messages from the past recorded in the Tatar language in Arabic script.

The photographs depict Tatar women dressed in a fashion of the time. Their hats are very interesting – kalfaki. Stately men, in military uniforms or socialites, look at us through the years. On the heads of many – the Tatar national men’s headdress skullcap.

Rabit Batulla also handed over to the library some materials relating to the life and work of the classic of the Tatar drama Karim Tinchurin.

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