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Anniversary evening of Alsu Gainullina

Anniversary evening of Alsu Gainullina

April 25, the Kamal Tatar State Academic Theater holds the anniversary evening of People’s Artist of Russia Alsu Gainullina. The actress marks her personal anniversary, 60 years and 40 years at the Kamal Theater.

Alsu Gaynullina performed more than 50 roles at the home theater. This is Shafika in the play ” We will return” by Ayaz Gilyazov , Zohra in ” Mullanur Vakhitov ” by Naki Isanbet , Dina in the play ” Through the defeat “, by Valeev, Gulfira and Yuzyumbika in performance ” The old man from the village Aldermesh ” by Tufan Minnullin, Gulkhira ( “Streams”) by T . Gizzat ), Sarwar ( ” Faded star” by K.Tinchurin ) Gulyandam (” Divorce Tatar ” H.Vakhit ), Valentina ( “Lullaby” by T.Minnullin ), Gaini ( “Miserable boy ” G. Kamal ) , Murshid ( “Kazan towel ” by K.Tinchurin ) and many others. Undoubted achievement of the actress became the images created in the classical repertoire . Among them Kekkina C. Goldoni comedy “Old wives’ tales,” Angela in C.Gozzi tragicomedy ” King Deer ” , Elmira in the comedy ” Tartuffe ” by J B. Mollier, Catarina in the comedy ” The Taming of the Shrew” and Cleopatra in the tragedy “Antony and Cleopatra ” by William Shakespeare .

Scale of actress’s talent allowed her to overcome one of the toughest , vertex roles of classical repertoire – Larissa of ” Bespidannitsa(Fortuneless girl) ” by Alexander Ostrovsky . Performance by A. Gainullina the role of Larissa was named the best by leading theater critics of the country on the Soviet stage of 1980s and brought the actress Russia State award named after K.Stanislavsky.

Congratulation of the actress on the anniversary will be held April 25, 7.00PM at the G. Kamal Tatar State Academic Theater. Director of the anniversary evening – Farid Bikchantaev, script writer – Ilgiz Zayniev.


Alsu Askarovna Gaynullina born in the village Drozhzhanoe of Drozhzhanovsky region of Tatarstan, February 24, 1954 . In 1974 she graduated from the Kazan theater school and was accepted into the troupe of the Tatar Academic Theatre.

People’s Artist of Tatarstan ( 1986 )

People’s Artist of Russia (1996)

Laureate of the State Prize of the RSFSR n.a. K.Stanislavsky (1991)

Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Tatarstan n.a. G. Tukai ( 2013 )

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