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Anniversary of William Shakespeare

Anniversary of William Shakespeare

All the world community celebrates April 26 anniversary of the great William Shakespeare. Tinchurin Theatre also participates in this event with its play “Hamlet. The scenes.”

Presented on stage for almost a year, during this time managed to be recognized as by mere spectators and experts in the field of theater. According to the electronic journal of Tatarstan “Business -online», it was named in 10 the best cultural events in 2013!

The performance watched and appreciated famous people of Kazan – professor of KSUCA , Russian theater critic, historian of Tatar theater I.I. Ilyalova , professor at the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication KFU, doctor of science R.F. Mukhametshina, candidate of science, senior editor of the journal ” Literature and Culture” M.M. Habutdinova, theater critic, art critic, columnist for “Business – online» T.V. Mamaeva, public and state figure of Tatarstan, writer, poet and member of the State Council of Tatarstan R.I. VALEEV, also guests from the capital – theater critic, head of the Cabinet of national theaters and drama theaters of Union of theatrical figures of Russia, secretary of guild of Russian theater directors – M.M. Korczak , theater critic, head of the literary part of the Moscow Academic

Theatre ” Satira ” – N.N. Karpova, theatrical, theater historian, expert on the works of William Shakespeare – A.V. Bartosiewicz AV, just so happens that Shakespeare’s tragedy , staged at the Tatar theater, became the sixtieth in a list of viewed Hamlets in the last sixty years.

“Modern production staged in the language of the modern scene , which tells about home. About home , as the supreme value of existence, which is now under threat. About the home as a symbol of a normal happy human life. About the home – the focal point of the big world, big universe. And destruction of the home – the greatest catastrophe indicator . “Hamlet. Scenes “- this wondrous spectacle of contemporary theater , with whom Kazan to be congratulated. ” – Alexei Vadimovich confessed after seeing the show.

March 27, 2014 , on International Day of Theatre, the young actor of Tinchurin Theatre – Artem Piskunov , who played Hamlet was awarded the Republican theatrical prize “Tantana ” in nomination “Best Actor “, and director of the performance , chief director, Honored Artist of Russia and Honoured Artist of Tatarstan Rashid Zagidullin was honored with a special nomination – “For a modern interpretation of the classics .”

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