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Association of Tatars and Bashkirs of Kazakhstan discussed number of topical issues

Association of Tatars and Bashkirs of Kazakhstan discussed number of topical issues

The Association of Tatars and Bashkirs of Kazakhstan held a tele-conference of chairmen of Tatar and Tatar-Bashkir ethnic and cultural associations, members of the organization.

Agenda has been voiced by the Association president Professor Griff Khaiullin. He focused on actuality and importance of the issues discussed. The first item was the message of the President to the people of Kazakhstan, sounded yesterday. Describing in detail the main aspects of the strategic document, G. Khairullin expressed the general opinion at the meeting.

“All of us, members of the Tatars and Bashkirs of Kazakhstan, are patriots of our country – the Republic of Kazakhstan. Pursuing social activities, we believe that our work benefits the multinational society in which all have not only the same rights and the same duties, but our responsibility – to promote further development of progressive, educated, self-sufficient well-fixed and safe Kazakh society. So our annual work plan includes measures aimed at strengthening inter-ethnic peace, harmony and tolerance in our country”, – Grif Khairullin said.

So, one of the directions of the Association is to work for education. 2014 marked the opening of educational centers in the cities of the Association; Almaty, Astana and Karaganda.

“On January 17, this year, the Agreement was signed on cooperation between the Association of Tatars and Bashkirs of Kazakhstan and Kazan National Research Technological University. After launch and testing of educational centers, following a three-month course, which will be held in the spring, we plan to launch similar educational centers in other cities of Kazakhstan on a personal agreement with each ethno-cultural center belonging to our association,”- Chairman of the Board ATBK Rinat Abdulhalikov said.

As part of the meeting, the measures of the Association and regional ECO(Ethnic cultural communities) included in the plan of the World Congress of Tatars in 2014 were discussed. Upcoming events reminded Honorary President of the Association, a member of the Executive Committee of the WCT Taufik Karimov. In turn, persons responsible for conducting, reported the level of readiness. After further details T. Karimov promised to render all assistance to address individual issues.

In addition, teleconference participants discussed the dates of Republican Sabantui, which this year will take place in Kyzylorda. According to the vice – president of the Association, the Chairman of Kyzylorda Tatar-Bashkir ECO Gaulia Gizatullina, preparation for the main Tatar holiday is in full swing. However, by agreement, the leaders of Tatarstan and Kyzylorda region shifted the date for September. As assured G. Gizatullina, it does not affect the scope and Sabantui entertainment, as well as number of guests. According to her, this year, not only guests from all regions of Kazakhstan and Tatarstan traditionally are invited to take part in the Republican Sabantui, but also from the Central Asian republics.

Taking this opportunity, the chairman of the Council of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan Tatars Tursuntay Gabitov proposed to expand the size of the business forum to be held within Sabantui in Kyzylorda.

Meanwhile, the issue was raised on holding the republican forum of Tatar youth. As leader of the youth committee of the Association Jalil Akhunzhanov considers it should be held on the eve of the World Forum Tatar youth in Kazan.

He was supported by Deputy Chairman of TECO West Kazakhstan regions of Alphia Lezhnina, having reported that Forum delegates might be gladly received in Urlask.

All voiced issues have been taken note and soon will be resolved. The results will be announced at the next national meeting, scheduled for April 2014. I urge all compatriots to work as planned, without deviating from the course and helping each other. Remember – our strength in unity!” – summed up president of the Association of Tatars and Bashkirs of Kazakhstan Grief Khairullin.

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