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Association of Tatars of Montreal: Chak chak bayrame

Association of Tatars of Montreal: Chak chak bayrame

New Year 2015 has began for the Association of Tatars of Montreal with a new tradition – Chak chak bayrame.

All the participants of the event have agreed that the best way to warm up a long Canadian winter – to cook chak-chak, come together, make the tea, sing songs and begin to spin in dance.

Scheduled four hours passed unnoticed: a competition for best chak-chak, games, dancing, singing folk songs and performance of children with a mini-performance in the Tatar language.

What have we remembered most?

– Incendiary enthusiasm by the evening hostess Svetlana Dogadkina. Songs, jokes and efficient organization she united the participants and triggered the dynamics of the holiday.

– Best chak-chak, baked by Liana Hamadiyarova. Thanks to the persons that participated in the contest, and congratulations Liana!

– Singing and dancing by the participants of the festival. The atmosphere of music, native melodies and movements allows us to feel at home even far away from home.

– Demonstration of “talking books” painted by Farida Abdullina and voiced by Eric Ellingsen. We hope that these projects will open new opportunities for our children and creativity, improve their Tatar.

– Music mini-performance in the Tatar language, impromptu having gathered around toddlers and older children. Bravo Usmanova Adel, whose acting talent, singing and posing plastic made possible! Thank you Alisa Abdullina for the song, which completed the performance and gathered all the children together!

– Mystery Dance “Ash Pesher” under the Tatar folk motifs Svetlana and Adel looked so organically and professionally, that seemed animated picture from a book about the Tatar folklore.

– Thank you for Svetlana for skillful organization of dance music games “Biya koye” and congratulate Damir Salimov on victory and won skullcap!

Participants of the event were departing with a question – and when again come together? So, our Tatar community has warmed up and cheered. New holidays just around the corner, we promise!

Zilya Mirgalieva

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