Home / At  the “Headquarters of the Tatars of Moscow”  a creative meeting with the actors of the theater G. Kamal held
At  the “Headquarters of the Tatars of Moscow”  a creative meeting with the actors of the theater G. Kamal held

At  the “Headquarters of the Tatars of Moscow”  a creative meeting with the actors of the theater G. Kamal held

As part of the traditional tour of the  G. Kamal  theatre in Moscow at the “Tatars Headquarters” a meeting was held with the actors of the main Tatar theater. The Tatar public supported the idea of ​​creating a branch of the Kamal Theater in Moscow. The tour of the theater will end on January 16 with the popular performance of the chief  director of the Kamal Theater, Farid Bikchantaev, “Atach Mengun Chitunga”.

Chairs and activists of Tatar autonomies, student clubs and aksakals gathered at the meeting with the young staff  of the troupe. For many, it was a big event that leading actors of the theater came to the creative meeting – Alsou Gaynullina, Khalima Iskanderova and Fanis Ziganshin. Both actresses recited poems of the poet G. Tukai, wishing the youth success and good luck in life. As  People’s Artist of Tatarstan and Russia Alsou Gaynullina noted, the soul is glad that in the center of Moscow there is such a cozy Tatar home  – the “Tatar Headquarters of Moscow”.

At the “Tatars Headquarters” a creative meeting with the actors Kamala is not by chance, as this organization takes an active part in the cultural life of the Tatar world, said actor Fanis Ziganshin.

According to the leader of the Tatars Headquarters, Rustem Yamaleev, the activists of the movement during the tour attend daily large-scale performances of the theater.

“Today, the Kamalov Theater is the apogee of Tatar culture. We are grateful to the theater for  popularization of cultural traditions among the younger generation. But we have a wish – we want to once again see the play “Zenger Shel (Blue Shawl)” in Moscow. The issue of reviving the Tatar theater in Moscow has long been raised. We believe that this is possible only with the support of the G. Kamala Theater, ”Rustem Yamaleev said.

Young talents of the theater Rishat Akhmadullin, Arthur Shaidullin, Aigul Abasheva, Almaz Burganov, Guzel Gulverdiyeva, Elvir Salimov of the Moscow youth in Moscow told about theatrical life, sang songs, poems. I especially remember the duet of Bulat and Maysara of our modern times Rishat Akhmatullin Guzel Gulverdiyeva. Novice actor Almaz Burganov sang a song by the great composer Rustem Yakhin.

After the meeting, the Coordinator of the Headquarters of the Tatars of Moscow, Gulnara Yarullina, thanked the management  of the theater for organizing the event, and presented the actors with the Tatar calendar of the Tatars Headquarters for 2019.

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