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At the Omsk region  the old farmstead of the Siberian Tatar  restore

At the Omsk region the old farmstead of the Siberian Tatar restore

In  summer, the first guests will be welcomed in the village of Ulenkul at  the Bolsherechensky district.

The remote village of Ulenkul of the Bolsherechensky district of the Omsk region at first glance may seem like an ordinary quiet village. However, the local Tatar population, with the support of public organizations, is interested in preserving their cultural heritage. To return the village to its former attractiveness, the Tatar Autonomous Region “Madaniyat” is now implementing an ambitious project – they plan to create an analogue of the “Old Siberian” cultural complex located in Bolsherechye in Ulenkul.

As planned by public figures, the Miras ethnographic and rural tourism complex will include a reconstructed house and courtyard of the Siberian Tatar of the 19-20 centuries. “Madaniyat” found and bought a house from local residents, cleared the territory, began work on the manufacture of a courtyard and home repair. They  have  managed to raise funds with the help of a presidential grant of 3 million rubles, and  a million social activists raised themselves.

Problems with filling the complex with antiquities and cultural heritage should not arise; three museums of Tatar history have long been working at the Musa Jalil local school. Museum keeper Siyatin Chumarov said that in the 1970s, many residents of Ulenkul themselves gave exhibits to ethnographers and students of the Department of Ethnography and Museum Studies of Omsk State University. But even so, in three school museums there is a sufficient number of exhibits that can introduce you to the life, history and life of  the  Siberian Tatars.

To attract tourists and residents of the region to Ulenkul,  the   public needs  a grandiose project. As planned, it can be both gastronomic and ethno-tourism. It is possible that the festival of culture of nutrition of the Siberian Tatars will be held.

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