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August 1 – Kazan Sabantui!

August 1 – Kazan Sabantui!

August 1 Kazan celebrates Sabantui. This year, the citizens greet it with more than a month delay. There are several reasons, the main – the desire to show traditional Tatar holiday to participants and guests of the FINA World Championship, held these days in Kazan.

It is assumed that the effect is expected to be grandiose. The Birchwood settlement is in the Volga district of Kazan, final preparations and rehearsals are under way. Guests will be shown a theatrical performance about the birth of Kazan, traditional for the festive of plow competitions, concerts are to be held. Kuresh, a national wrestling, this time will be more like a show, so more than 200 wrestlers compete in demonstration struggles.

Sabantui starts at 11am . At 15.00, the focus will move to Kazan hippodrome. Equestrian competitions and a concert will be held.

Of course, both sites will offer holiday fairs, visitors try their forces in master classes on traditional crafts. The

organizers expect that the festival will be attended by about 70 thousand people.

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