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“Avylym Tavishlary” – a valuable event

“Avylym Tavishlary” – a valuable event

“Avylym Tavishlary” – a valuable event

October13, 2018

In the last issue, the newspaper Yuldash told in detail about the Republican festival-competition of the Tatar song “Avylym tavyshlary” that took place. A small afterword would also be appropriate.

This unique event, which was held for the ninth time, originated at the Lyambir district, which has always been the national cultural center for the Tatars of the whole of Mordovia. Therefore, it is true that it is Lyambir which unites Mordovian Tatars both in the republican Sabantui, and in the “Avylym tavishlary”, and in many other Tatar national-cultural events. A lot of effort, time and, of course, professionalism is given to the festival “Avylym tavyshlary” by cultural workers from the Lyambir district, who are actively supported by the district administration. It is gratifying that even under the current head of the friendly multinational district Shamil Fatikhovich Davydov (in the photo), the best traditions for maintaining Tatar culture are preserved.

It is important to note another thing: such a festival would not be so easy to hold such a scale without the help of business. And it is precisely in the Lyambir district that there is such an entrepreneur who is the permanent main sponsor of Avylim Tavishlary. This is the deputy of the district council, the director of the Yuldash peasant and farm economy, Rafik Aiyasovich Fetkhullov. Now other entrepreneurs who are members of the public organization “Club of Tatar Businessmen of the Republic of Mordovia” have joined him as patrons of the arts.

And the second year of the “Avylim Tavishlary” has the status of the Republican festival-contest, already with the support of the Ministry of Culture, National Policy, Tourism and Archival Affairs of Mordovia and the House of Folk Art takes place in the main hall of the republic – in the RDK Republican House of Culture. This year the event was held at the full hall.

The union of authorities, cultural institutions, business and the public is capable of producing such a remarkable result. As a result, Tatar songs are sung in full voice in Mordovia, which are sung by people of different ages, coming from many districts where there are Tatar villages. And it is especially encouraging that young people  are singing. So, our native Tatar culture lives and will live in our homeland – in Mordovia.

It is also noteworthy that the festival-competition “Avylym Tavishlary” has already been recognized by Kazan. It is not by chance that annually representatives of the Executive Committee of the World Tatar Congress participate in this event. At this festival, the honorary guest was Danis Shakirov, First Deputy Head of the WCT Executive Committee, who presented the highest WCT award – the Medal “For Great Merits to the Tatar People” medal to the permanent main sponsor of the “Alymi Tavishlary” Rafik Fetkhullov.

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