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Award for Decent Work

Award for Decent Work

Editor-in-Chief of the Samara regional Tatar newspaper Berdemlek (Unity) Agliulin Rafgat Nabiulovich awarded the Medal of the Governor of the Samara oblast “For work for the benefit of Samara land”.

“For significant contributions to development of media and Tatar culture in the Samara oblast, maintaining stability in inter-ethnic relations”, – stated in the edict by Governor of the Samara oblast N.I.Merkushin.

We remind that Rafgat Nibiullovich Agliullin is a permanent editor of the Samara oblastl Tatar political newspaper Berdemlek for 23 years.

The very name of the newspaper Berdemlek invokes unity, cohesion. The newspaper makes a wide coverage of history and development of the Tatar people, life of modern Tatars. Lots of interesting articles on national holidays, customs, traditions of the Tatars, education of young people. Special topical enclosures , columns, Kyibla for Muslims, Children’s Corner for children, etc.

The newspaper is a member of Tatarstan journalist contest “Crystal Pen”.

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