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Baku – the International Day of Tatar cuisine

Baku – the International Day of Tatar cuisine

On February 28, at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Tatarstan in Azerbaijan, the event devoted to the International Day of Tatar cuisine was held. The Day was organized by Republican Center of Tatar culture “Tugan Tel” with the assistance of the Permanent Mission.

Presenter of the event spoke about the traditional Tatar cuisine of dishes, without which no Tatar festival is done without . Also, the guests of the event familiarized with the biography of the famous master chef, creator of the library of unique recipes of national Tatar cuisine Yunus Akhmetzyanov – one of the authors of the first comprehensive book on the Tatar cuisine in the 1980s.

Cognitive was information about the national Tatar weddings, the traditions of the holiday feast, preparing wedding dishes.

Then head of the society “Tugan Tel” Guljan Myasoutova showed a master class in cooking meals “kaynar belesh”, the recipe of which is kept carefully in a family of Guljan Kyashafovna.

Then society activists of “Tugan Tel” featured a concert program with songs, thematic poems in the Tatar language.

Live and genuine interest among the audience caused a culinary contest for preparing the Tatar national dishes. Did not stay aside also the representatives of the great and the good, showing their agility and skill in working with dough.

At the end of the evening, a tea party with tasting of traditional Tatar dishes such as chak-chak, pyaryamyach, vak byalesh, ochpochmak and others was offered.

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