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“Barda – Da (Yes)!”

“Barda – Da (Yes)!”

The Barda as the “Cultural Center of Perm Krai – 2018” officially   has  opened the program of events.

07.05. 2018

The Barda as the “Cultural Center of Perm Krai – 2018” officially   has  opened the program of events. This year, the village of Barda, along with Berezniki and the village of Kalinino, has won a grand regional ministry of culture. During the year, various activities for the population will take place in each of these cultural centers. And the settlements themselves will be largely transformed.

Barda has become the center of culture for the second time. For the first time it was in 2009 with the program “Barda – that’s it! Here is it! “, And this time the program is called” Barda – Da (Yes)! “. During the implementation, new cultural actions and events unfamiliar to the residents will be held in the village, and some of the traditional projects will acquire a higher status: the regional, inter-regional, all-Russian. Residents and guests of the district will be able not only to attend the events, but also actively participate in master classes, trainings, competitions and creative festivals.

This year Barda’s project was supported by Tatyana Sannikova, a member of the Expert Council of the Culture Center Program, the Ministry of Culture of Perm Krai,  General Director of the Perm House of Folk Art “Gubernia”.


Tatyana Sannikova, General Director of the Perm House of Folk Art “Gubernia”: “The Barda has already become the center of the entire Russian and Tatar world, inviting and hosting all-Russian rural Sabantuy. For these 5 years there was not yet a village that would greet friends from all over the Russian Federation more cordially. We sincerely wish you that those events that are outlined from the program “Perm Krai – Territory of Culture” in your territory become so bright and memorable. On behalf of the Ministry of Culture of Perm Krai, I congratulate you on the start of the program and express the hope that the events will be not only traditional but also new. And I sincerely wish you a new audience, inspiration and new tourists. Happy holiday, with the opening!”.

The goal of the new Barda program is to support youth initiatives and develop a creative potential of the Barda district. By the way, the organizers and direct performers of the program “Barda – Da (Yes!)” were representatives of youth. They conceived to combine national traditions, local flavor and fresh original ideas. That’s what one of the organizers of the program “Barda- Da(Yes!)”, Eldar Mosharov, director of the Center for Youth Initiatives of Permsky Krai, said.

Eldar Mosharov, director of the Center for Youth Initiatives of Perm Krai: “When we developed the program, maybe we think differently, because we are a different generation, we looked at what our parents and our ancestors have. This is the cultural heritage that is being handed to us, and we are responsible for the form in which we will give it to the next generation. It is important to preserve the identity that we possess, because not for nothing we are called an authentic territory. Therefore, the goal of the program is to use what our ancestors have and bring some elements of modernity here, to pass this heritage to the next generation. ”


Bright and new events of this year, which were not yet in the Bard?

Eldar Mosharov, director of the Center for Youth Initiatives of Perm Krai: “Summer playground. We never had such a thing, and we planned it as a resting place for creativity, development, as a place to relax with children. This is a festival town that runs weekly, and every day there will be some events from different areas. The summer playground will open on June 1 on Children’s Day. ”

What art objects will appear on the territory of Barda?

Eldar Mosharov, director of the Center for Youth Initiatives of Perm Krai: “Here we gave free rein to our fantasies. First, the graffiti “Goose 8 bits.” We have two options: the side of the apartment house, or the facade of the house of culture. ”

What other art objects will appear?

Eldar Mosharov, director of the Center for Youth Initiatives of Perm Krai: “Rotunda in the form of the Bardym skullcap”.

On the day of the official opening of the Barda, the program management organized for the guests a quest-trip with the original name “Typical Tatar”. Getting acquainted with the sights of the village, we were able to learn a little Tatar language, take part in  master class on making the Tatar skullcap, learn the recipe of the bardym chak-chak, taste  kystyby – a pie with a potato filling – and even learn the Tatar dance. The village of Barda and its indigenous population – the Tatars, have long been famous for their hospitality and it awaits everyone who during a year will come here for any cultural event or national holiday. And we have already visited one of such bright events of the program – the beauty and talent contest “Tatar Kyzy 2018” among the girls. The winner of the contest, with whom we communicated, will go to a similar Russian contest, which will be held in Kazan.

Elvina Tuyugutina, winner of the beauty contest “Tatar Kyzy 2018”:

“I was born in the village of Barda, and at the moment I study in Kazan in the theater school for the profession of drama theater and cinema actor in the first year. I want to say a big thank you to all the organizers of the competition, because it is a great work and a great holiday. It is a great honor for me to represent the Perm region in Kazan. ”

The closest event in Barda is the KVN national league final and the KVN Cup championship cup of the Kama region, the forum of multinational youth “Open culture”, the all-Russian festival of Tatar and Bashkir culture, and others. The initiators of the program “Barda – Yes!” say: “Why go somewhere, when you can create here and now? Create a culture, involve others and be part of this culture. We have already followed this appeal, and you too. We hope that you will be interested likewise!











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