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Buinsk madrassah – 210 years

Buinsk madrassah – 210 years

October 10, International scientific-practical conference “Islamic education in Tatarstan: Past, Present and Future”, dedicated to the 210th anniversary of the Republic of Tatarstan Buinsk madrassas will be held.

The event will bring together religious and public figures, scientists from Tatarstan, Russian regions, guests from Turkey and Iran, madrassah graduates of different years.

Guests are also expected to a sightseeing tour of city Buinsk, visiting a Muslim cemetery, groundbreaking ceremony of the new construction of Buinsk madrassah, a plenary session and a gala dinner.

The event will be held in the building of Buinsk madrasas at 09.00am.

The Conference is organized by the Religious Boar of n of Muslims of Tatarstan, Kazan Federal University, together with the support of the “Fund for support of Islamic

culture, science and education” and the administration Buinsk municipal rayon.


Buinsk madrassah – the oldest Islamic school in the Republic of Tatarstan, opened in 1805. Before the Revolution it bore the name of “Nuria”, and was the most famous religious schools in Simbirsk province.

At different times in Buinsk madrassah many well-known Tatar religious and public figures learned, including Hadi Atlas, Zarif Bashir Muhammad Shakir, Gumer Tulumbay, Baki Halidov and many others. Later Hadi Atlasi he taught at madrassah history from 1898 to 1903.

In 1919 the activity of Buinsk madrassah was ceased. Various government agencies were spaced in the building. Once again, educational activities in madrassah started only 80 years back – October 1, 1997. In 1999-2002, on the site of an old dilapidated wooden mosque a new two-storey building of madrassah with mosque, comfortable classrooms, dormitories, a dining room, and others was built.

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