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Buinsk Theater  in Kokshetau

Buinsk Theater  in Kokshetau

Buinsk Theater  in Kokshetau

October 02, 2018

Quite a small town Buinsk (only about 20 thousand residnets), but look  – they have their own state drama theater. And it existing,  realizing its directorial ideas, not only for local audiences. But quite confidently touring far beyond its borders. The second time the Theater of Satire of the Republic of Tatarstan is visiting the Kokshetau people. Last Friday, several performances were shown to children and adult theater-goers: “Crossroad of Dreams”, “In a Case” (afternoon) and “Kodalar-Kodacalar” (matchmakers, (evening).

Welcoming the audience (not a single empty seat in the Akmola regional Russian drama theater), director, chief director and actor of the theater of satire, Rail Sadriev stressed that “the success of any theater group is estimated by three indicators: the amount of money earned, the plan“ by the audience ”and the number of performances. So we are in fourth place in the republic. ” By the way,  head of the theater this year deservedly was awarded the title of People’s Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The tour of this year in Kazakhstan is quite extensive for the theatre. There are many regional centers of our country are in it: Kostanay, Karaganda, Semey, Petropavlovsk, Taldy-Corgan, etc. The audience will see the same repertoire of the three performances mentioned above.

Why often  would sound the word Bua? So in Tatar the present Buinsk was called. Not so many residents, less than in our city. But … it has several factories, 5 mosques and the famous Trinity Church. So one should not be surprised that for more than one decade its favorite theatre  has been quite successfully existing. Well, we, the representatives of the Tatar Diaspora, came to the play probably more from nostalgia for purely sounding native Tatar speech, to watch scenes from the life of Tatar people and for a moment to plunge into the world of their cloudless childhood and parental love.

Well, the charisma of the Bua  Theater gave a lot of fun moments. That’s why it  is a comedy! According to iys manager: “The theater does not educate anyone. People are brought up by the roads that lead to the theater. ” That is exactly said!

Larisa Aitova,

Kokshetau, Kazakhstan


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