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By what surprised the cultural landing from Tatarstan residents of Belarus?

By what surprised the cultural landing from Tatarstan residents of Belarus?

Days of Tatarstan culture for the first time are held in Belarus from

05.06. 2018

Days of Tatarstan culture for the first time are held in Belarus from   June 4 to 6. Guests here are artists, museum workers, filmmakers, writers, teachers and librarians – only about 100 people. They talked with colleagues and arranged a big celebration for the local Tatar community.

The correspondent of “SOYUZ” on the eve of the trip talked with representatives of the delegation and found out exactly where and with what gisfts,  cultural figures had left. As specified in the Ministry of Transport of Tatarstan, the route of the Tatarstanians traveled through Minsk, Dubrovno and Grodno. Without the capital of Belarus, of course, can not do. As for other cities, they were chosen on the basis of two factors. Firstly, there lives a large Tatar diaspora, and secondly – there is a necessary infrastructure for concerts and exhibitions.

The Song and Dance Ensemble (TSAS&D). The collective in the republic is legendary, who recently celebrated its 80th birthday. Artists traveled with concerts half the world, but in Belarus, according to the director of Yuri Zhukov, have not been since the 1980s.

– We take all the Tatar repertoire and gifts for the local audience. This is the Belarusian dance “Veselukha” and the song “Belovezhskaya Pushcha”, – he said. – Well, we will fulfill Russian works, which unite us with Belarus.

The Elabuga State Museum-Reserve presented the exhibition “The Multicolor of the Tatar National Culture”. The exhibition included 180 items. These are national costumes, shoes, ornaments, leather mosaic ware, Koran, Muslim rosary and carpet namazlyk for praying. There were paintings by contemporary artists from Tatarstan and Bashkortostan.

In recent years, the cinema has been developing rapidly in the republic, and Belarusian audiences were able to see some bright works. Among them is the comedy “Family troubles” by Alexei Barykin: an argument has arisen in the interethnic family, what name should you call a newborn – Tatar or Russian? Around it there are a lot of collisions.

I was lucky enough to see the recently filmed “Baigal” film by Ildar Yagafarov, which will be presented at the Kazan International Muslim Film Festival this year. One of the main roles was performed by the popular Russian actor Vladimir Vdovichenkov. The picture tells of the tragedy of a little  man – fisherman Galimzhan. His whole life collapsed, and he dreams to meet in the depths of the Volga sacred fish Baigal, bringing good luck.

The only writer in the delegation is the eminent Tatar poet, a laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation Renat Haris.

– In Belarus, I have many friends-writers. Among them are Ales Badak, Sergey Trakhmenok, Alexander Karlyukevich (now he is Minister of Information of Belarus). They translate me into the Belarusian language, and I translate them into Tatar, “he laughs. – Recently, from a distance, I published my book “Sărăbrany Pramen” (“Silver Ray”). And I just released a collection of “Khush kilyazes, Kali Lask” (a combination of the Tatar “Welcome” and the Belarusian “please.” – Ed.). It included poems by thirty Belarusian poets, from classics to contemporary authors. We will present it.

A special mission is for the Tatarstan teachers from the Almetyevsky Music College named after Farid Yarullin and the Mamadysh Children’s School of Arts named after the Yarullins brothers. Here they met with colleagues from the Children’s Art School in Dubrovno, also bearing the name of Farid Yarullin. The fact that the Tatar composer, the author of the first national ballet “Shurale”, died in 1943 near these places, and not having had time to see his work on the stage. He is buried in a mass grave on the 468th kilometer of the Moscow-Minsk motorway. In memory of him, the school was named. And last year a monument to the composer was opened in Dubrovno.








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