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Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Congress of Tatars of the Tyumen oblast Rinat Nasyrov: “Through our project people meet, fall in love”

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Congress of Tatars of the Tyumen oblast Rinat Nasyrov: “Through our project people meet, fall in love”

The Tyumen Oblast is interested in maintaining Tatar culture. Very often, on holidays in a regional capital songs and poems sound in Tatar language, Tyumen citizens are familiar with Tatar folk dances and games, different contests on knowledge of the Tatar language are held in the city.

In early May, an action ” Min Tatarcha syoylyashyam ” ( I speak Tatar ) took place on the Tsvetnoy Boulevard . The event was timed to the birthday of the poet G. Tukai . In March, in Tyumen, the VII final open regional competition “Star of Siberia ” and Dzhigit – 2014” was held. Seven girls and seven boys competed for these honorific titles. Competition brings up Tatar youth in the best ethnic traditions, is confident chairman of executive committee of the Congress of Tatars of the Tyumen region, chief organizer of the project, Rinat Nasyrov.

– Rinat Khamzievich before talking about the history of the contest “Star of Siberia ” and ” Dzhigit” , I want to ask about objectives of this project?

– The main goal of the contest – to find new forms of interactions in the Tatar community to preserve our identity. Globalization – is not an empty phrase, it touched everyone, especially young people. Reduction in teaching their native language , the demise of the national culture , the lack of competent spiritual leaders, who can meet the challenges of modernity. All this and more requires us to find different forms of communication. Competition – this is the easiest way to draw attention of Tatars , primarily , and of course, our society is as it seems to us, is involved in this, the problems of our time. We want to give young people a chance to determine that knowledge of own history, culture, language, religion – a competitive advantage in today’s society.

– How did the idea to create a contest appeared ?

– Quite by accident. In 2007, we decided to hold a photo contest among Tatar girls , it was called “Tatar Kyzy” (” Tatar girl “). Pretenders sent their photos in national costumes and stories about themselves in the Tatar language. And it was published in the newspaper “Siberia – Seber Ile .” Response from readers was so great , and the pictures were so beautiful

that we decided to hold the final on the scene. In 2008, we changed the name of the contest for “The Star of Siberia .” Casting took place in several stages, it was attended by over 100 young women. It was a real success: the hall was full. And in 2009, we decided to combine the two on the same stage of the competition : “The Star of Siberia ” and ” Dzhigit “. Ther is no such a project , when on one stage Tatar girls and boys are found, neither in Russia, nor in the world .

– Girls clear , they always want to get proof of their beauty, but how you enrolled boys for the contest?


– The competition received a great response among the Tatar public of Tyumen. But our goal was to combine the Tatar youth throughout the area. Therefore organizational group competition drove all the districts of compact Tatar residing (Nizhnetavdinskoye , Vagaysky , Yarkovsky Yalutorovsky , Tyumen, Tobolsk ). There we spent the qualifying rounds , the winners of which were included in the regional competition of finalists. As a result, 10 boys and 10 girls came to the finals . It was important to meet the high level, so throughout the month we collected every weekend contestants in the regional center for rehearsals. So, for two years , we had held qualifying rounds in all regions of the oblast. Then, about the contest began to be aware in all the Tatar villages in south of the region, and the need to visit districts disappeared. Candidates themselves began to come to the qualifying rounds. Castings

lasted from morning till evening , more than 100 participants per day passed the jury.

– What requirements organizers claim to candidates ?

– First of all , this is knowledge of the Tatar language . It is important , to bring as an example that kind of youth, who speak their native language . This implies the knowledge and respect for the traditions of Tatars, enculturation to the culture of own people and the pride of the nation.

Evgeni Ilyushin, 72.ru

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