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Chairman of the National Council in Moscow spoke with Tatars from 12 regions

Chairman of the National Council in Moscow spoke with Tatars from 12 regions


25.02. 2018


Today, as part of a working visit to Moscow, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Chairman of the National Council of the World Tatar Congress, V.G. Shaikhraziev talked with the leaders of the Tatar public organizations of the Central Federal District. The meeting was held at the Tatar cultural center “House of Asadullaev”. Heads of public organizations from 12 regions and representatives of Moscow youth organizations gathered to discuss issues of concern to the Tatar community of the Central Federal District.


Opening the meeting, Vasil Shaikhraziyev greeted all those present and conveyed his heartfelt greetings from the Republic of Tatarstan, from the thousand-year-old Kazan. Then he shared his joy for the whole of Russia – the victory of the Russian hockey team at the Olympic Games.


– In 20 years we  not only    have  participated in the finals, but also became the owners of the gold medal in hockey. Our team confirmed the power, strength and authority of Russia. So let’s go ahead. We have hopes and opportunities, “he said.


Then Vasil Shaykhraziev told about the activities of the World Congress of Tatars and about the forums that are held by the Congress. He dwelled in detail on the 2 events that will be held in the near future – the All-Russian Congress of Entrepreneurs, where on March 1-2, 750 participants and the Forum of Local History Students will meet. And then he answered questions that concern the Tatar community. The leaders of Tatar social issues raised cadre problems, with the organization of instruction in the Tatar language, the issues of obtaining grants for conducting national events, the possibility of teaching the language through the Internet, etc.


In the evening, Vasil Shaykhraziev will take part in the Days of Tatar Youth “Khurakt” and the 4th annual ceremony of awarding.


There are 269164 Tatars in the Central Federal District, 7332 of them in the Vladimir Region, 3340 in the Voronezh Region, 6696 in the Ivanovo Region, 4206 in the Kaluga Region, 2224 in the Kostroma Region, 1279 in the Kursk Region, 1279 in the Kursk Region, 1972, in the Moscow Region – 56202, in the Ryazan Region – 4941, in the Smolensk Region – 2239, in the Tambov Region – 2292, in the Tver Region – 5859, in the Tula Region – 7878, in the Yaroslavl Region – 4982, in Moscow – 149043.


The subjects in which there are no Tatar public organizations: Belgorod Region – 3237, Bryansk Region – 952, Kursk Region – 1279, Lipetsk Region – 1972, Orel Region – 1239.

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