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“Chak-chak party”, National Tatar Home  and Beauty Contests  to be held in Omsk city

“Chak-chak party”, National Tatar Home  and Beauty Contests to be held in Omsk city

One of the main intercultural events of this year will take place  in Omsk cit.

From  March  23 to 24 at  the congress hall of the regional Expocentre and on March 25 at the Maluntzev Culture Center there will be a grand event for the region –   the Days of the Tatar culture – designed to become one of the main interethnic and intercultural events of the current year.

The organizer of the holiday is the non-commercial partnership center for  development of business and cultural ties “Tatarstan-Omsk”. The event is held within the framework of the 20th anniversary of the public organization of the regional Tatar national and cultural autonomy of the Omsk region “Madaniyat” and is implemented using a grant for the development of civil society provided by the Foundation for Presidential Grants.

“Everything that you will see from March 23 to March 24 in the congress hall of the regional Expocentre and March 25 in the Maluntzev Palace of Culture, is the result of the titanic work of our team,” says Radik Minikhanov, chairman of the council of the regional Tatar national-cultural autonomy of the Omsk region, Madaniyat. “We have managed to create an extensive event that covers both the economic, cultural and spiritual spheres.”

The holiday is a single information and creative space based on a multicomponent program, and consists of blocks: educational, organizational, exhibition-competitive, economic, cultural, actions “Chak-chak party” and summarizing. The event will be held for three days at various venues of the city – in the regional Expocenter and the House of culture named after Maluntsev. Its  honorary guests will be the participants of the famous Tatar musical collective “KAZAN EGETLERE”.

The estimated number of participants is 5000 people, with no restrictions on age and social status.

Guests are offered film screenings, tasting of national cuisine, a literary guest room, exhibitions of national costumes, grounds for national games and fun, children’s playroom, photo salon and much more. A special pride of the holiday is the National Tatar Home, built in full size, which will show the life of the Tatars a hundred years ago.

Also, within the framework of the festival there will be regional beauty contests “Tatar kyzy – 2018” (Tatar girl) and “Tatar egete – 2018” (Tatar guy).

“Our center has been working with Omsk youth for a long time, but the last two years we began to work with the regions of the Omsk region. We started to go to meetings, hold master classes, get acquainted with this age group closer. And they were pleasantly surprised to see how well the Tatar language is known in the country, respect  traditions and culture, – organizer of the contest Chulpan Fakhrutdinova says. – That is why, when organizing such a contest, we first made an emphasis on nonresident boys and girls of Tatar nationality. ”

The final of the contest will be held on the second day of the celebration of the Days of Tatar Culture at the Expocenter. The jury consists of representatives of founders and organizers, sponsors of the contest, honored workers of education and culture of the Omsk region and members of the delegation of the Republic of Tatarstan.

“We hope that the event will be the start of interaction between representatives of the publics and the executive authorities of the region and the country as a whole,” Radik Minikhanov said. – And not only the Tatars, but also other nationalities. In addition, we have the idea of ​​creating a national and regional personnel reserve, which we will not be ashamed to present to the country. The first stage of this work is the involvement of young people in major projects, including the Days of the Tatar Culture. And of course, it is important for us to integrate economic ties between the regions. The most interesting event will take place on the eve of the Days of Tatar Culture, on March 21-23, an agreement on cooperation in the economic, cultural, social, youth and other spheres between Bolsherechensky district of the Omsk region and Bakhchsarai district of the Republic of Crimea is planned. The contract will be signed on the territory of the Omsk region. ”

In the immediate plans of the organizers, a federal Sabantuy in the territory of Omsk. The event of this level will attract up to 1500 official delegates from the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and will enable guests to see the city, get to know it, learn its identity and assess its economic attractiveness.

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