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Children’s Channel, Music and Strategy: the main thing from the life of the Tatar people

Children’s Channel, Music and Strategy: the main thing from the life of the Tatar people

Children’s Channel, Music and Strategy: the main thing from the life of the Tatar people

January 04, 2019

Of the many achievements by  the Tatars of the world, the KazanFirst editors highlighted the brightest ones.

Music label by Alvin Gray

This year, the main performer of the Tatar pop  pleased his fans with interesting news. The main one is, of course, the opening of his own music label, which the singer dreamed of for many years. Now young performers have the opportunity to become part of the national stage, using the experience of an already established star.

Alvin Gray himself with the help of his brainchild plans to bring the Tatar-Bashkir song to the world level. In addition, the singer said that in the next two to three years his team will launch its own line of clothing and perfumes, as well as open a restaurant.

Alfiya Avzalova Memorial Festival

Autumn 2018 was marked by an important event for the Tatar people – the holding of the first international festival named after the great Tatar lady  singer Alfia Avzalova. She sang songs in 17 languages ​​of the world, and therefore the participants of the event were the peoples of different countries. Tatars, Chinese, Indians, Americans, Uzbeks, Egyptians and others performed at the final gala concert with compositions from the repertoire of the singer. Live music and live performance, vivid stage setting, folk dances and the artistic word — everything worked to recreate the atmosphere that prevailed on the performances of Alfia Khanum on stage. There is still no information about the future of the festival, one can only hope that it will become a permanent event in memory of the legend of the Tatar variety art.

The most beautiful tatarochka  chosen  in Kazan              

Since 2015, the main contest of beauty and talent for Tatar girls “Tatar Kyzy” enjoys the status of All-Russian, and since 2016 – international. And only in 2018 its finals were first held in the capital of Tatar culture – Kazan. For this event, the team of the World Tatars’ Congress, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Vasil Shaikhraziev, prepared for about a year and it can be said that it was not in vain. For 10 days, the contestants passed through loudly making themselves known to all of Kazan. Several times girls in bright dresses were noticed at big city events. The participants even went on hockey, which, undoubtedly, once again attracted a lot of attention. The final of the competition was held in a full house, and despite all the suggestions that henceforth the competition should always be held in Kazan, the baton passed into the hands of the neighboring republic – Udmurtia. It was the representative of this region who won the title “Tatar kyzy – 2018”

Tatar Strategy Discussion

The idea to create a strategy for the development of the Tatar people among social activists and intellectuals has been in the air since 2002, and it was only in 2018 that they started talking about its implementation for the first time. During the past six months, this case has been discussed particularly actively. According to the plans of the organizing committee, in January-February of this year a certain “skeleton” of the project will be presented to the public, and in August the full version of the document, which can later provide funding for specific activities necessary for the preservation and development of the Tatar people.

Victory of the Tatar film

At the annual international Muslim film festival, the Tatarstan film “Mulla” has  won the nomination “Best Direction”, the premiere of which was one of the most anticipated events among those who were not indifferent to the national cinema. There were two directors of the film – a young specialist Amir Galiaskarov and actor of the Atna Theater Ramil Fazlyev. About the second it is interesting to note that he also played the main role in the film – Mullah Asfandiyar. Perhaps this is the secret of success. Experiences of the actor did not lose heart in the course of their transfer to the director, and therefore the resulting picture was able to touch the audience to the depths of the soul.

Cultural part of the World Forum of Tatar Youth

The World Tatar Youth Forum takes place every two years in Kazan. 2018 just turned out to be a gathering time.  For nearly a week, the participants in the event searched for national meanings, discussed new projects, resolved urgent issues. In addition to the educational session and the plenary session, they organized all sorts of cultural events, among which were especially memorable a trip to Bolgar, Arsk, a tour of Kazan’s Old Tatar Sloboda for thousands of people and, of course, the Pechen Bazaars festival of modern Tatar culture. Despite the fact that the latter is considered far from being a new project, it was a reasonable decision of the organizers to hold it within the forum. Most of the delegates became its participants for the first time, and seeing with their own eyes an event of this kind and scale was a necessity for them to hold similar festivals in the future and thus spread the geography of their activities.

“Tatar zhyry” without lip singing

Most recently, the main event of the year in the life of the Tatar stage has ended – the international festival of songs “Tatar Zhyry”. The event has not lost its relevance for the past 19 years. It is worth noting that the majority of spectators who have already visited the concert more than once believe that each time the festival takes a step forward and constantly evolving technically and organizationally, only the leading evenings remain unchanged. And even here, the organizers managed to dilute the duet of Safarova and Sadyrov with a new couple of performers. There was no live instrumental ensemble about which the organizers of the festival spoke, but the promise to hold a concert without lip singing  seemed to keep, although there were singers whose honesty remained questionable.

Monument to Shigabutdin Mardzhani

2018 in Tatarstan was declared the Year of the great Tatar scholar, educator and theologian Shigabutdin Mardzhani, in honor of this in Kazan was organized quite a few cultural, educational and educational activities on the life and work of the scientist. Summing up, in the autumn of 2018 a long-awaited monument to the theologian was erected on the embankment of Kaban Lake from the side of Al-Marjani Mosque.

The fact that in the original version there was only one signature in Russian on the bust was soon corrected and now the Tatars with pride and without embarrassment show and tell everyone about one of the greatest representatives of their people.

Tatar alternatives at the Kremlin walls

On the city day last year, Tatar alternative music was listened to by everyone who walked in the center of Kazan near the Kremlin. And all thanks to the fact that the guys from the label Yummy Music organized a music festival Tat Cult Fest, which was going to show all the works of Tatar youth accumulated over the years. To keep up with everything in one day, the musicians performed on three stages designed for rock, electric and indie folk. In such a variety of genres, everyone who still was close to the site, found something to their liking. The organizers managed to bring Tatar alternative music not only to a new level, but also to introduce it to thousands of listeners, including Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov.

The launch of children’s channel “Shayan TV»

In the past year have Tatar language  children have the opportunity to watch cartoons and broadcasts in their native language. Recently, the channel switched to a round-the-clock format. The content consists of dubbed cartoons and educational TV programs of its own production. And despite the fact that the 6-hour block is repeated four times a day, according to representatives of the channel, the parents of children convey their positive feedback and gratitude to them.

The annual budget of “Shayan TV” is more than 100 million rubles, but much less than 300 million now the creators of the channel are negotiating with cable operators to include their product in the broadcasting grid, as many of them as possible. The main task of the channel  creators of the project see the promotion of the Tatar language and the preservation of Tatar identity.






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