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Conference Devoted to the Problems of Studying and Conservation of Tatar-Muslim Epitaph

Conference Devoted to the Problems of Studying and Conservation of Tatar-Muslim Epitaph

Staff of History Institute of the RT Academy of Sciences after Sh. Mardzhani participated in the work of the Scientific and Practical Conference «V. Yakupovskie readings: the study and preservation of the Tatar traditions in Muslim epigraphy”, held September 15, 2016 on the basis of the Russian Islamic University.

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The conference was organized by the Religious Board of Muslims of Tatarstan and the Russian Islamic University with participation of the Kazan Federal University. The event was timed to memory of the famous religious leader Valiullah Hazrat Yakupov, who died tragically in 2012. It was

attended by well-known and young scientists – historians, philologists, religious scholars, teachers and psychologists, religious and public figures of the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as students and pupils of Russian Islamic University, Kazan Islamic University and other Islamic educational institutions.

As noted by many speakers, former deputy chairman of RT Religious Board of Muslims Valiulla Yakupov, who was killed July 19, 2012, was actively engaged in the study of gravestone at the old cemeteries. In connection with the recent act of vandalism at the Novotatar cemetery in Kazan it was decided to more deeply address this issue, because otherwise the historical heritage of the ancestors of the Tatars can be lost without a trace.

The conference was opened by Rector of the Russia Islamic University and the Kazan Islamic University, chairman of the Islamic Council of Education of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chairman of the CRO-DUM RT, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor R. M. Mukhametshin

who reminded the participants and guests of an important role of V.Yakupov in the revival of Islam in Tatarstan. In particular, he noted that “his example, we see how was the evolution and process of Islamic revival on a personal level.”

The first deputy chairman of the RCO-DUM RT R.G. Bagrov made a scientific report “Regional form of Islam as the main expression of the Islamic paradigm.”

Renowned scientist, epigraphist, Head of Department of manuscripts, scientific and archival fund IYALI after G.Ibragimov of the RT AS Dr.of Philosophy M. I. Akhmetzyanov talked about his experience of studying the epitaphs at the old rural cemeteries of RT regions. Note that the scientist is the author of more than a dozen monographs on the Tatar-Muslim epigraphy. Head of Department of History of the Tatar-Bulgarian civilization History Institute. Sh. Mardzhani of RT Academy of Sciences, Honored worker of science of RT A.A.Burkhanov made a scientific report on the topic “Importance of archaeological and epigraphic monuments in the

study of regional history of Tatarstan and Tatar world”.

In particular, he stressed in his speech the importance of a comprehensive study of archaeological, epigraphic and written sources in the study of the history of the regions and villages. The report noted the importance of studying gravestone epitaphs in rural cemeteries as a historical source, summarizes the development of epigraphic research in the Volga-Ural region, marked the area of distribution of the Tatar-Muslim epitaphs and put forward important proposals for further study, preservation, improvement and use of epitaph in old cemeteries. The report was accompanied by a large photo presentation from personal experience of studying the archaeological and epigraphic monuments.

At the request of the participants A.A.Burkhanov showed photographs and told about the objects at the Kabansky settlement – “Bishop’s garden” in the Volga region city of Kazan, where he in 1997 held archeological excavations.

Teacher of madrassa named after the 1000th anniversary of adoption of Islam, professor of KIU, Dr. of History N.I.Tairov told about the old cemetery where the manufacturers and sponsors Akchurins were buried.

Kazy of metropolitan region of Tatarstan, Head of Chair of Religious Subjects Ph.D. R.K. Adygamov made a presentation on “Systematics of the main sources of Islamic law.”

Head of dagvat direction CRO -DUM RT, imam-khatib of the Mosque Apanaevskoy, director of publishing house “Iman”, Ph.D. N.R. Sabirov spoke on the role of the publishing house “Iman” in the reconstruction of the spiritual heritage of the Tatar people. In conclusion, the author showed shot by him a film about the activities of publishing and development of Tatar religious printing.

Senior researcher at the Institute of History of. Sh. Mardzhani RT Academy of Sciences, Candidate of Philology A.M. Gaynutdinov dedicated his report to the theme of epigraphic monuments in the Arsk region. In particular, the author talked about the

history of the study of epitaphs in the region, on the number and quality of the surviving gravestones boards in rural cemeteries, their styles and methods of productions. In addition, the author has in detail told about the main results of the epigraphic expedition of the RT Institute of History, having conducted the study from 2014 in a project to study the history of human settlements.

Head of SOC “Written Heritage and Archeology” IMOIV KFU, candidate of philosophy, associate professor R.R. Safiullina Al-Annsi gave a presentation on “Sources of Tatar theological thought and ways of formation of theological knowledge.

Head of Chair of the Tatar language and national culture RIU, Ph.D. R. A. Gimazova devoted her speech to pedagogical views of a well- known educator Gabdulla Bubi.

Head of the department of humanities, candidate of pedagogical sciences T. E. Sedankina described in her speech the main stages of Islamic education in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Senior lecturer in religious subjects RIU R. M. Zabirov focused his presentation on the topic of “The importance of the ideological heritage by I. Gasprinsky in the development of cultural cooperation of the Tatar society in the context of the” East-West “: a comparative analysis of the works by Valiullah Yakupov.”

Reports and presentations were made in the Tatar and Russian languages.

The final resolution was adopted after the conference.

Information: A. A.Burkhanov

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