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Creative evening  “Train Kazan-Moscow”

Creative evening “Train Kazan-Moscow”

On September 16 at  the Tatar cultural center of Moscow will be a joint recital  by  the poet, writer and public figure, the main “Idel” editor Albina Absalyamova and composer, Honored art worker of the Republic of Tatarstan Zulfiya Raupova.

The evening program “Train Kazan-Moscow” will feature poems from Albina Absalyamova just published  at  the Tatar book publishing collection “Among the breaks and dots” and loved by the Moscow public  the  works by   composer Zulfiya Raupova.

Participants of the evening  will  acquaint the audience  with  creative plans for the coming season, as well as speak  about the ongoing work on a joint project.

On peculiarities of the creative ways  Albina Absalyamova and Zulfiya Raupova  will tell   a public figure and publicist, a specialist in  history of the Tatar community in Moscow, Marat Safarov.

Zulfiya Raupova – member of the Union of Russia and Tatarstan composers. Honored Worker of Arts of  Tatarstan. The author of symphonic and chamber music. Among the major works an  opera “The White Wolf”, a symphonic poem “The phenomenon Syuyumbike”, symphonic picture “The Golden Temple”, “The Art of War” for bass and orchestra, chamber-instrumental and vocal music.

Albina Absalyamova – a member of the Writers’ Union of Tatarstan  and the Russian Union of Writers. A  laureate of the “Triumph” award. Chief editor of “Idel” magazine. Head of the museum of history of Tatar literature with a   memorial apartment of  Sh. Kamal. Author of poetry collections “Shards of the Dreams”, “I love to write in cursive,” “Living Water,” “Is there a light in oblivion?” And books of documentary prose “Never die. The history of the life and work of the writer Abdurrahman Absalyamova  told     by his granddaughter, “” Eternal People. Front-line soldiers – figures of Tatarstan culture: portraits and destiny. ”

Press service of the mission  of  the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation

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